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How to pronounce retiring (audio)


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Dictionary definition of retiring

Tending to be shy, reserved, or introverted in social situations.
"The retiring student preferred to sit quietly in the library rather than join the bustling cafeteria."

Detailed meaning of retiring

It characterizes individuals who prefer to keep to themselves, often feeling more comfortable in quieter or more solitary settings. A retiring person may exhibit a quieter demeanor and may not actively seek attention or engage in extensive social interactions. They might prefer smaller gatherings or one-on-one conversations rather than large crowds or noisy environments. Being retiring doesn't necessarily imply a lack of confidence or social skills; rather, it reflects a preference for more intimate or peaceful interactions. Retiring individuals may enjoy activities that allow for introspection, such as reading, writing, or pursuing solitary hobbies. While some people thrive in social situations, the retiring nature of others allows them to recharge and find fulfillment in more reflective and tranquil moments.

Example sentences containing retiring

1. Despite his retiring nature, James was always chosen as team leader.
2. The retiring librarian had been working there for over 30 years.
3. The park had a retiring beauty that touched everyone's heart.
4. Karen is known for her retiring personality and rarely attends large gatherings.
5. The retiring professor left a lasting impact on all his students.
6. The mountain has a retiring majesty that only climbers can fully appreciate.

History and etymology of retiring

The adjective 'retiring' has an etymology linked to the verb 'retire.' It stems from the Middle French word 'retirer,' which means 'to withdraw' or 'to take back.' This Middle French term, in turn, has its origins in the Latin word 'retirare,' composed of 're,' signifying 'back,' and 'tirare,' meaning 'to pull' or 'to draw.' The etymology of 'retiring' reflects the idea of withdrawing or pulling back from social interactions or being reserved in social situations. When applied to a person's personality or behavior, it describes someone who tends to be shy, reserved, or introverted, embodying the notion of withdrawing or holding back in social contexts, as implied by its historical linguistic roots.

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Further usage examples of retiring

1. The author's retiring demeanor didn't hinder his vibrant storytelling abilities.
2. It's surprising to see such a retiring bird in this bustling city.
3. The retiring CEO was given a grand farewell party by the company.
4. Despite his retiring nature, Brian's humor was the life of every party.
5. This retiring village, tucked away in the mountains, has its unique charm.
6. The retiring actress decided to spend her days in quiet countryside home.
7. The sunset bathed the retiring landscape in hues of gold and crimson.
8. In the heart of the bustling city, the park was a retiring sanctuary.
9. Alice, despite her retiring temperament, stepped up to deliver an inspiring speech.
10. The retiring soldier was honored with a grand parade in his hometown.
11. The retiring cathedral in the small town still held daily services.
12. Mark's retiring personality was at odds with his bold, colorful paintings.
13. Despite its retiring aura, the ancient monument drew in many tourists each year.
14. Lisa is a retiring chef who focuses on creating unique dishes at home.
15. His retiring nature made it challenging to network.
16. She's a retiring person who values solitude.
17. The retiring artist shied away from public appearances.
18. Despite his retiring demeanor, he's a great listener.
19. Her retiring personality doesn't hinder her creativity.
20. A retiring attitude can be mistaken for aloofness.
21. He prefers the company of books due to his retiring nature.
22. The retiring scientist was more comfortable in the lab.
23. She's often misunderstood because of her retiring disposition.
24. Don't mistake her retiring character for lack of confidence.



shy, outgoing, extroverted, sociable


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