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attractive, ugly, unappealing, plain



How to pronounce beautiful (audio)

Dictionary definition of beautiful

Possessing qualities or characteristics that elicit delight, pleasure, or admiration through its aesthetic appeal or intrinsic attractiveness.
"The poet composed beautiful verses that spoke to the depths of the human soul."

Detailed meaning of beautiful

It refers to the pleasing or harmonious combination of various elements such as form, color, symmetry, and proportion. Beauty can be found in a wide range of contexts, including nature, art, people, objects, and experiences. When something is described as beautiful, it often evokes a sense of awe, wonder, or emotional resonance. Beauty is subjective and can vary from person to person, as it is influenced by individual preferences and cultural perspectives. Overall, the adjective "beautiful" conveys a positive and highly appreciative sentiment, highlighting the inherent allure and captivating qualities of the subject at hand.

Example sentences of beautiful

1. The sunset painted the sky with beautiful hues of orange and pink.
2. She wore a beautiful gown that dazzled everyone at the event.
3. The garden was filled with beautiful flowers in vibrant colors.
4. The ballerina performed a beautiful dance that left the audience mesmerized.
5. They explored a beautiful, secluded beach with crystal-clear waters.
6. The artist created a beautiful painting that captured the essence of nature.

History and etymology of beautiful

The adjective 'beautiful' derives its etymology from the Middle English word 'bewteful,' which evolved from the Old French term 'bealte,' itself descended from the Latin word 'bellus.' 'Bellus' in Latin meant 'pretty' or 'handsome,' and it is believed to be related to the word 'bonus,' meaning 'good.' This connection between beauty and goodness is essential in understanding the concept of beauty in various cultures and languages. The evolution from 'bellus' to 'beautiful' in English reflects the historical perception that things considered beautiful are often seen as good or virtuous. Thus, the etymology of 'beautiful' highlights the inherent link between aesthetic delight and the positive qualities associated with goodness or virtue, emphasizing the notion that beauty goes beyond mere visual appeal.

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Further usage examples of beautiful

1. The symphony orchestra played a beautiful melody that touched the hearts of all who listened.
2. The newlyweds exchanged beautiful vows during their intimate wedding ceremony.
3. The mountain range provided a beautiful backdrop for the picturesque landscape.
4. The newborn baby had beautiful, sparkling eyes that captivated everyone.
5. The architect designed a beautiful building that seamlessly blended modern and traditional elements.
6. The sunset over the ocean was absolutely beautiful.
7. Her beautiful smile brightened up the entire room.
8. The garden was filled with beautiful, vibrant flowers.
9. They lived in a beautiful, picturesque cottage.
10. The mountain range had a beautiful, snow-capped peak.
11. The artwork on display was truly beautiful and inspiring.
12. The music playing was a beautiful, soothing melody.
13. Their wedding ceremony was a beautiful, heartfelt event.
14. The newlyweds went on a beautiful honeymoon in Hawaii.
15. The antique vase was a beautiful, rare find.
16. The butterfly's wings were a beautiful, iridescent blue.
17. The city skyline looked beautiful at night.
18. Her handwriting was neat and beautiful.
19. The historic cathedral was a beautiful, sacred place.
20. The sunset painted the sky in beautiful shades of pink and orange.
21. The starry night was exceptionally beautiful in the countryside.
22. The coastal view from the cliff was breathtakingly beautiful.
23. The peacock displayed its beautiful, vibrant feathers.
24. The ballet performance was a beautiful display of grace and artistry.
25. The baby's laughter was a beautiful sound to hear.


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