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How to pronounce attractive (audio)

Dictionary definition of attractive

Having an appealing, pleasing, or captivating quality that tends to draw or generate interest, admiration, or desire.
"She wore an attractive dress that caught everyone's attention."

Detailed meaning of attractive

It denotes a visual, physical, or aesthetic attractiveness that is commonly associated with beauty, charm, or allure. However, attractiveness can extend beyond physical appearance and encompass other qualities such as charisma, personality, or talent. When something or someone is described as attractive, they possess qualities that have the potential to captivate or charm others, making them appealing or desirable. Attractiveness can vary based on individual preferences and cultural norms, but it generally implies a quality that elicits positive attention, admiration, or attraction. The adjective "attractive" signifies a favorable impression or allure that makes someone or something desirable, visually appealing, or captivating in various contexts, whether in relationships, appearance, products, or ideas.

Example sentences of attractive

1. The picturesque landscape was incredibly attractive to nature lovers.
2. The job offer came with an attractive salary and benefits package.
3. His charismatic personality made him highly attractive to others.
4. The store displayed attractive discounts and promotions to attract customers.
5. The new restaurant had an attractive menu featuring a variety of delicious dishes.
6. The actress had an attractive smile that won over audiences.

History and etymology of attractive

The adjective 'attractive' can be traced back to the Latin word 'attractivus,' which is derived from 'attrahere,' the same root as the verb 'attract.' 'Attrahere' combines 'ad,' meaning 'to,' and 'trahere,' meaning 'to pull or draw.' In Latin, 'attractivus' described something that had the power or quality to draw or pull things towards it. As the concept of drawing or enticing extended beyond the physical realm, this term evolved to encompass qualities that generate interest, admiration, or desire. In the evolution from Latin to Old French and then Middle English, 'attractive' retained its sense of having an appealing, pleasing, or captivating quality that tends to draw or generate interest, making it an apt term to describe things or people that possess such magnetic qualities.

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Further usage examples of attractive

1. The attractive packaging of the product made it stand out on the shelves.
2. The beach resort offered attractive amenities and stunning ocean views.
3. The company's attractive investment opportunities enticed many potential investors.
4. The couple shared an attractive chemistry that was evident to everyone around them.
5. The charity event had an attractive lineup of performers, drawing a large crowd.
6. She has an attractive smile that lights up the room.
7. The beach offers attractive views of the sunset.
8. His sense of humor is very attractive to me.
9. The new restaurant has an attractive menu.
10. Confidence can make anyone more attractive.
11. The garden is filled with attractive flowers.
12. A kind heart can be very attractive.
13. The antique shop is full of attractive treasures.
14. An attractive personality goes beyond looks.
15. The architecture of the building is quite attractive.
16. Her intelligence makes her even more attractive.
17. The artwork on display is visually attractive.
18. A positive attitude can be very attractive.
19. The fragrance of the flowers is attractive.
20. Honesty is an attractive quality in a person.
21. The job offer comes with an attractive salary.
22. His music has an attractive rhythm.
23. The beach town has attractive beachfront properties.
24. The vibrant colors of the painting are attractive.
25. Mutual respect makes a relationship more attractive.



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