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How to pronounce endow (audio)

Dictionary definition of endow

To provide something with a particular quality or attribute, usually a positive one.
"Nature did endow him with a sense of humor to lighten up any situation."

Detailed meaning of endow

It can also refer to giving something as a gift, such as money or property. It is often used in the context of education, research, and culture, where it refers to the act of providing funding, resources, or support to an institution or organization. For example, "The university was endow with a generous donation," or "The government endow the museum with a large collection of art." Endow can also refer to the act of providing someone with a particular talent or ability, such as "He was endow with a great sense of humor" or "She was endow with a beautiful singing voice." The word can also be used to refer to the act of providing a legal or formal recognition of ownership or rights to something, such as "The land was endow to the local community"

It also be used as a noun to refer to a permanent fund that is established by a donation or inheritance, and the income from which is used to support a specific cause or organization.

Example sentences containing endow

1. Universities often endow chairs to attract top-notch scholars.
2. Her grandmother decided to endow a scholarship in her late husband's name.
3. Philanthropists regularly endow art institutions to promote the visual arts.
4. We plan to endow a fund to support the local animal shelter.
5. The millionaire chose to endow a college building in his hometown.
6. He decided to endow his earnings to the development of a public library.

History and etymology of endow

The verb 'endow' has an etymology rooted in Latin and Old English. It is derived from the Old English word 'endowian,' which means 'to provide with a gift or endowment.' This Old English term has Latin origins, particularly from the Latin word 'induere,' meaning 'to put on' or 'to endow with a quality.' 'Endow' entered the English language in the Middle Ages and is used to describe the act of providing something with a particular quality or attribute, typically a positive one. Its etymology underscores the idea of bestowing or gifting something valuable, as implied by both its Old English and Latin roots, emphasizing the act of enriching or enhancing a subject with a specific characteristic or quality.

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Further usage examples of endow

1. It's their choice to endow their time and resources to the cause.
2. The company decided to endow a wellness program for its employees.
3. Some people choose to endow their wealth to scientific research.
4. To endow a music program, you need a substantial amount of money.
5. If you endow a charity, make sure it aligns with your values.
6. They aim to endow a foundation supporting underprivileged children.
7. She is willing to endow her fortune to medical research.
8. If we endow this project now, we can make a real difference in the community.
9. She decided to endow her skills to the betterment of the village.
10. We hope to endow an annual prize for innovation in the field of renewable energy.
11. Corporations should endow more funds towards social and environmental responsibility.
12. Her talent for storytelling endowed her with literary acclaim.
13. The scholarship will endow future generations with educational opportunities.
14. Nature has endowed the region with breathtaking beauty.
15. His charisma endowed him with natural leadership qualities.
16. The artist's brushwork endowed the painting with depth.
17. Education can endow individuals with a wealth of knowledge.
18. The award ceremony will endow them with recognition.
19. Music has the power to endow emotions with expression.
20. Hard work can endow one with a sense of accomplishment.
21. Wisdom and experience often endow people with perspective.
22. The trust will endow charitable causes for years to come.
23. The chef's culinary skills endowed the dish with exquisite flavor.
24. Kindness can endow relationships with lasting bonds.



bestow, deprive, strip, remove


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