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jewel, plain, unadorned, large



How to pronounce bijou (audio)

Dictionary definition of bijou

Something petite, yet exquisitely crafted, typically prized for its aesthetic appeal.
"She wore a stunning bijou necklace that shimmered with diamonds and sapphires."

Detailed meaning of bijou

Bijou generally refers to a small and elegant piece of jewelry or a delicate and dainty object of beauty. It typically denotes a piece of jewelry that is intricately designed and exudes a sense of refinement. The term 'bijou' often conjures images of delicate earrings, necklaces, bracelets, or rings adorned with precious gemstones or intricate detailing. However, it can also encompass other small and exquisite objects, such as ornamental trinkets, decorative miniatures, or even a charming little house or theater. Whether it's a cherished piece of jewelry or a captivating miniature artwork, bijou items are valued for their delicate charm and the ability to add a touch of elegance to any setting or personal style.

Example sentences of bijou

1. The antique shop displayed a collection of bijou rings from the Victorian era.
2. The actress adorned her ears with bijou earrings that perfectly complemented her gown.
3. The art gallery showcased bijou sculptures crafted by local artisans.
4. He gifted his girlfriend a bijou bracelet as a symbol of their love and affection.
5. The interior of the boutique hotel was adorned with bijou chandeliers and ornate mirrors.
6. The quaint little café had a bijou outdoor seating area with charming bistro tables.

History and etymology of bijou

The noun 'bijou' has a charming etymology rooted in the French language. It directly translates to 'jewel' in English. The term 'bijou' comes from Old French 'jouel,' which, in turn, evolved from the Latin word 'jocale,' meaning 'plaything' or 'ornament.' Over time, the concept of a small, exquisitely crafted ornament evolved into 'bijou' in French. In contemporary English, 'bijou' is used to describe something petite, yet exquisitely crafted, typically prized for its aesthetic appeal. The etymology of 'bijou' beautifully reflects its association with precious and finely crafted items, often celebrated for their aesthetic beauty and craftsmanship.

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Further usage examples of bijou

1. The collector's cabinet showcased a variety of bijou trinkets from around the world.
2. The bride wore a bijou tiara that added a touch of elegance to her wedding ensemble.
3. The jeweler specialized in creating bespoke bijou pieces tailored to individual preferences.
4. The vintage shop had a selection of bijou brooches that appealed to antique enthusiasts.
5. The bijou theater hosted intimate performances and was known for its exceptional acoustics.
6. She carefully placed the bijou figurine on the shelf, admiring its intricate craftsmanship.
7. The bijou handbag was crafted from luxurious leather and featured delicate embellishments.
8. The fashion designer incorporated bijou elements into her latest collection, adding a touch of sophistication to each garment.
9. She wore a stunning bijou necklace to the gala.
10. The antique shop displayed a collection of bijoux.
11. His gift was a bijou, a symbol of their love.
12. The boutique featured handcrafted bijou jewelry.
13. Her bijou earrings sparkled in the candlelight.
14. The delicate bijou was a family heirloom.
15. The bijoux on display were all unique creations.
16. The bijou ring was an exquisite work of art.
17. The bride wore a bijou tiara on her wedding day.
18. The boutique specializes in vintage bijoux.
19. The art exhibit featured bijou sculptures.
20. Her bijou collection was the envy of her friends.
21. The bijoux in the display case were meticulously crafted.
22. The bijou shop was a hidden gem in the city.
23. He gifted her a bijou bracelet for their anniversary.
24. The bijou brooch was an antique treasure.
25. The bijoux boutique attracted discerning customers.
26. She admired the bijou craftsmanship from afar.
27. The artist's bijou creations were in high demand.
28. The elegant bijou added a touch of sophistication.



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