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How to pronounce binding (audio)

Dictionary definition of 'binding'

Having the power or authority to create a legally or morally obligatory connection, agreement, or constraint.
"The signed agreement was binding and legally enforceable."

Detailed meaning of 'binding'

When an agreement, contract, or decision is described as binding, it means that it is enforceable by law or it carries a strong moral or ethical obligation. Such agreements or commitments typically require the involved parties to adhere to their terms, and failure to do so may result in legal consequences or damage to one's reputation. "Binding" implies a level of certainty and permanence, suggesting that the terms or rules set forth cannot be easily disregarded or changed without proper procedures or consent from all relevant parties. In various contexts, whether in legal contracts, international treaties, or personal promises, the term "binding" underscores the serious and inescapable nature of the commitment or obligation it describes.

History and etymology of 'binding'

The adjective 'binding' has its origins in Old English, where it was spelled as 'bindan,' meaning 'to tie' or 'to fasten.' It is related to the Old Norse word 'binda' with the same meaning. Over time, the term 'binding' evolved to describe something that has the power or authority to create a legally or morally obligatory connection, agreement, or constraint. It signifies the act of tying together in a figurative sense, suggesting a strong and unbreakable connection, whether in the context of a binding contract, a binding promise, or a binding commitment. The etymology of 'binding' underscores the idea of a secure and unyielding connection, emphasizing the notion of something that holds people or things together in a legally or morally obligatory manner.

Example sentences containing 'binding'

1. The non-disclosure agreement was a binding promise to keep confidential information secret.
2. The parties agreed to a binding arbitration process to resolve their dispute.
3. The company's policy was binding and strictly enforced.
4. The consent decree was binding on both the plaintiff and defendant.
5. The binding nature of the treaty meant that both countries had to abide by its terms.
6. The binding contract ensured that both parties would fulfill their obligations.
7. The book had a beautiful leather binding with intricate designs.
8. The court ruling had a binding effect on all parties involved in the case.
9. The company's policy was binding and employees were expected to adhere to it.
10. The binding decision of the arbitration board resolved the dispute between the two companies.
11. The lawyer advised her client to carefully review the binding terms of the agreement.
12. The binding resolution passed by the committee addressed the issue at hand.
13. The government passed a binding regulation to enforce stricter environmental standards.
14. The binding spell was used to prevent the enemy from causing harm.
15. The binding referendum determined the outcome of the controversial issue.
16. The contract included a binding non-disclosure agreement to protect confidential information.
17. The bookbinding workshop taught participants how to create their own bindings.
18. The binding ruling of the court required the defendant to pay restitution to the victim.
19. The marriage vows they exchanged were binding, symbolizing their commitment to each other.
20. The binding agreement between the countries aimed to promote international cooperation.
21. The organization's constitution served as a binding document outlining its purpose and structure.
22. The binding resolution called for immediate action to address the humanitarian crisis.
23. The family heirloom had sentimental value, so the siblings made a binding agreement to share it equally.
24. The binding decision of the board of directors determined the company's future direction.
25. The binding lease agreement outlined the terms and conditions for renting the property.



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