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How to pronounce blitz (audio)

Dictionary definition of blitz

To launch a sudden, intense, and overwhelming attack or offensive.
"The marketing team planned to blitz social media with their new product campaign."

Detailed meaning of blitz

It is characterized by a swift and concentrated assault, often with the aim of achieving a rapid and decisive outcome. The term "blitz" originated from the German word "blitzkrieg," meaning "lightning war," and is commonly associated with military tactics. When someone blitzes, they employ a strategy of surprise, speed, and concentrated force to overwhelm their opponents or targets. The objective is to disrupt defenses, seize control, or accomplish an objective swiftly and forcefully. In a broader context, "blitz" can also be used to describe intense and focused efforts in areas beyond warfare, such as sports or business. It implies a high level of energy, urgency, and intensity in pursuing a particular goal or objective. Whether in military operations or other endeavors, the verb "blitz" captures the concept of a sudden and forceful offensive, characterized by speed, surprise, and concentrated strength.

Example sentences of blitz

1. The team plans to blitz the opposing defense with a fast-paced offense.
2. They decided to blitz the market with their new product.
3. The military commander ordered a surprise blitz on the enemy's position.
4. The company launched a marketing campaign to blitz social media.
5. He's going to blitz through the final chapter of the book tonight.
6. The football team used a blitz to disrupt the opponent's passing game.

History and etymology of blitz

The verb 'blitz,' used to describe a sudden and intense attack, has an intriguing etymology rooted in military strategy. Its origin can be traced back to World War II, specifically to the tactics employed by German forces during their rapid and overwhelming assaults. The word 'blitz' is derived from the German term 'Blitzkrieg,' where 'Blitz' translates to 'lightning' and 'Krieg' means 'war.' This term was coined to convey the lightning-fast and overpowering nature of the German military's tactics, characterized by swift and coordinated strikes. Over time, 'blitz' found its way into the English language to describe any sudden and relentless offensive action, capturing the essence of its origin in military history.

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Further usage examples of blitz

1. They hope to blitz the competition with their innovative technology.
2. The chef will blitz the ingredients into a smooth sauce.
3. The news of the scandal will surely blitz the headlines tomorrow.
4. They aim to blitz the enemy lines and capture the strategic point.
5. The offensive coordinator called for a blitz to pressure the quarterback.
6. The protesters plan to blitz the streets to demand change.
7. The quarterback had to scramble to avoid the blitzing defenders.
8. The sales team will blitz potential clients with compelling offers.
9. She will blitz through her assignments to meet the deadline.
10. The marketing team decided to blitz the local market first.
11. The team used a surprise blitz to score a touchdown.
12. The debate opponent tried to blitz him with rapid-fire questions.
13. The candidates will blitz the campaign trail in the coming weeks.
14. The storm is expected to blitz the coastal region with heavy rain.
15. The football team decided to blitz the quarterback on the next play.
16. The army launched a massive air and ground assault to blitz the enemy positions.
17. The chess player executed a series of quick moves to blitz their opponent.
18. The company initiated a blitz of advertising to promote their latest sale.
19. The soccer team used a coordinated attack to blitz the opposing defense.
20. The sales team decided to blitz the market with their new product launch.
21. The boxer unleashed a flurry of punches to blitz their opponent.
22. The hackers attempted to blitz the company's network with a massive cyber attack.
23. The politician launched a media blitz to gain support for their campaign.
24. The basketball team employed a full-court press to blitz their opponents and force turnovers.
25. The firefighters quickly mobilized to blitz the raging wildfire and prevent its spread.


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