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How to pronounce assail (audio)

Dictionary definition of 'assail'

To attack someone or something physically or verbally, often with the intention of causing harm or damage.
"The storm will assail the coast with heavy rain and high winds."

Detailed meaning of 'assail'

It can also imply a sense of aggression or hostility. For example, an assailant may physically attack someone, while someone may assail someone else's reputation or character with verbal abuse. The word can also be used to describe an attack on a place, such as a city being assailed by an invading army, or an idea or belief being challenged. It implies a sense of aggression, hostility or attack, and can have negative connotations. It can also imply a sense of overwhelming or overwhelming something, as in an idea or belief, especially if it's done with force or persistence.

History and etymology of 'assail'

The verb 'assail' has its roots in the Old French word 'assaillir,' which was derived from the Latin 'assilire.' In Latin, 'ad' meant 'towards,' and 'salire' meant 'to leap or jump.' When combined, 'assilire' conveyed the idea of leaping towards or attacking something vigorously. This notion of a forceful and aggressive approach carried over into Old French and eventually into English, where 'assail' came to mean to attack someone or something physically or verbally, often with the intent of causing harm or damage. The etymology of 'assail' thus captures the essence of a swift and aggressive action, reflecting its historical association with forceful attacks and confrontations.

Example sentences containing 'assail'

1. His conscience will assail him if he decides to lie in court.
2. Severe weather will assail the crops, threatening the farmer's livelihood.
3. The activists will assail the corporation's environmental policies at the protest.
4. The defense will assail the credibility of the prosecution's star witness.
5. Doubts will assail her mind as she considers the risky business proposition.
6. The media will often assail public figures who make controversial statements.
7. During the boxing match, one opponent will assail the other with a flurry of punches.
8. Fear will assail him as he prepares to give his first public speech.
9. Online trolls will assail the forum with offensive comments and spam.
10. Opposing views will assail her beliefs during the heated discussion.
11. The software company will assail the market with its innovative new product.
12. The band's new album will assail conventional music genres with its unique sound.
13. The cyclist will assail the steep mountain path in the upcoming race.
14. The harsh sunlight will assail the desert landscape during the daytime.



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