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How to pronounce blueprint (audio)

Dictionary definition of 'blueprint'

A detailed and technical plan or design that serves as a guide for constructing or creating something.
"The architect presented the blueprint of the new building to the construction team."

Detailed meaning of 'blueprint'

It is commonly used in the fields of architecture, engineering, and construction. A blueprint provides a visual representation of a project, outlining the dimensions, specifications, and other essential details required for its realization. It typically consists of precise measurements, scale drawings, and annotations that communicate the intended structure, layout, or system. Blueprints are vital for ensuring accuracy, facilitating communication among project stakeholders, and serving as a reference throughout the construction or manufacturing process. They serve as a foundational document, allowing architects, engineers, and builders to coordinate their efforts and translate ideas into tangible results. Moreover, blueprints can also extend beyond physical structures and encompass plans for various endeavors, such as business strategies or technological developments.

History and etymology of 'blueprint'

The term 'blueprint' has an interesting etymology that traces back to its historical use. The word 'blueprint' originally referred to a specific reproduction process used in engineering and architecture. In the 19th century, when engineers and architects needed to create copies of technical drawings, they employed a method known as cyanotype printing. This process involved using light-sensitive paper treated with chemicals, notably ferric ammonium citrate and potassium ferricyanide, which would turn blue when exposed to light. The original drawing, often in white ink on a blue background, would be placed in contact with the treated paper and exposed to sunlight, resulting in a blueprint, which was a negative image of the original drawing. This term derives from the characteristic blue color of these reproductions, and over time, it came to symbolize any detailed and technical plan or design used as a guide for constructing or creating something.

Example sentences containing 'blueprint'

1. The government announced a blueprint for economic development in the region.
2. The designer used the blueprint to create a custom-tailored dress for the client.
3. The builder followed the blueprint precisely to ensure the house was constructed accurately.
4. The team analyzed the blueprint to identify any potential design flaws.
5. The engineer made revisions to the blueprint based on client feedback.
6. The architect presented the blueprint for the new skyscraper.
7. He followed the blueprint to build the intricate model.
8. The blueprint outlines the layout of the entire building.
9. The engineer referred to the blueprint to ensure accuracy.
10. The blueprint for the bridge was meticulously drawn.
11. The artist used a blueprint to create the intricate design.
12. The blueprint for the software project was well-documented.
13. The blueprint guided the construction of the custom furniture.
14. The blueprint revealed the secrets of the ancient castle.
15. They needed the blueprint to complete the renovation.
16. The blueprint provided a clear vision for the project.
17. The city's development followed a comprehensive blueprint.
18. The blueprint specified every detail of the aircraft.
19. The blueprint served as a roadmap for the technology upgrade.
20. The team referred to the blueprint during the construction.
21. The blueprint for the garden included precise measurements.
22. The blueprint for success involves careful planning.
23. The blueprint for the spacecraft's design was groundbreaking.
24. The blueprint was essential for the restoration of the historic building.
25. The blueprint for the novel's plot was brilliantly crafted.



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