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How to pronounce blunder (audio)

Dictionary Definition of 'blunder'

A serious or embarrassing mistake, often caused by a lack of knowledge, judgment, or attention.
"The blunder in the airline's scheduling caused many passengers to miss their flights."

Detailed Meaning of 'blunder'

Blunders can have significant consequences and can result in damage, injury, or loss. They can occur in a wide variety of situations, such as in personal or professional relationships, in sports, in business, or in politics. Blunders can be caused by a range of factors, including miscommunication, poor planning, negligence, or simply bad luck. While blunders can be a source of frustration, they can also be an opportunity for growth and learning, as individuals and organizations can use the lessons learned from mistakes to improve their performance and avoid future errors.

History and Etymology of 'blunder'

The noun 'blunder' has an etymology that harks back to Middle English and Old Norse origins. It is believed to have been derived from the Old Norse word 'blundra,' which meant 'a shut eye' or 'to close one's eyes,' indicating a momentary lapse of attention or judgment. In Middle English, it evolved into 'blundren,' describing a careless or inadvertent mistake. Over time, the term 'blunder' came to signify a more significant and often embarrassing error resulting from a lack of knowledge, judgment, or attention. This etymology captures the idea of a misstep or a lapse in awareness, contributing to the modern understanding of 'blunder' as a substantial and sometimes comical mistake.

Examples of 'blunder' in a Sentence

1. The blunder was a painful lesson in attention to detail.
2. Her blunder in the kitchen resulted in a ruined meal.
3. The blunder at the construction site delayed the project.
4. His blunder at the negotiation table angered the client.
5. She tried to cover up her blunder with a quick apology.
6. The blunder in the code caused the software to crash.
7. The blunder during the interview left a bad impression.
8. The blunder in the calculations had financial implications.
9. The blunder was a reminder of the importance of double-checking.
10. His blunder was the talk of the office for weeks.
11. The blunder during the surgery had serious consequences.
12. The blunder in the recipe resulted in an inedible dish.
13. The blunder on the test surprised everyone who knew her as a straight-A student.
14. They hoped to rectify the blunder and salvage the project.
15. His blunder cost the team the game.
16. The politician's blunder was widely criticized by the media.
17. Her blunder led to a major financial loss for the company.
18. The chef's blunder ruined the entire dish.
19. The blunder in the experiment caused inaccurate results.
20. The student's blunder on the test was due to poor preparation.
21. The company's blunder in the marketing campaign caused a public relations crisis.
22. The blunder in the construction caused the building to collapse.
23. The company's blunder in the hiring process resulted in a lawsuit.
24. The athlete's blunder caused them to lose the race.
25. The employee's blunder caused a delay in the project's completion.





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