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How to pronounce bungle (audio)

Dictionary definition of bungle

To handle, perform, or execute something clumsily, incompetently, or in a manner that leads to mistakes, errors, or failures.
"He managed to bungle the simple task of making a cup of coffee."

Detailed meaning of bungle

When someone bungles a task, they typically mishandle it or make a mess of it due to a lack of skill, carelessness, or poor judgment. The term "bungle" often implies a significant or noticeable degree of incompetence or ineptitude in carrying out a particular action or assignment. It can be used to describe a wide range of activities, including projects, assignments, performances, tasks, or even personal interactions. Bungling can result in errors, blunders, confusion, or unintended consequences. The verb "bungle" highlights the failure or lack of success associated with the mishandling or botching of a given endeavor, emphasizing the need for greater skill, attention, or competence to achieve a more successful outcome.

Example sentences of bungle

1. I tend to bungle simple tasks when I'm nervous.
2. Don't let your fear of failure make you bungle the opportunity.
3. He managed to bungle the presentation by forgetting his notes.
4. The actor's poor performance caused him to bungle his lines.
5. Please be careful not to bungle the delicate operation.
6. Despite his experience, he still managed to bungle the job.

History and etymology of bungle

The term 'bungle' has an etymology that can be traced back to the early 16th century. It is believed to have originated from the Scottish word 'bungle' or 'bungleow,' which meant to work clumsily or to handle something in a blundering manner. This Scottish term, in turn, likely shares its roots with the Scandinavian languages, such as Swedish 'bangla' and Danish 'bungle,' both of which mean 'to struggle' or 'to mess up.' The word 'bungle' gradually came to represent the act of handling tasks or actions ineptly, leading to mistakes and failures. Its etymology reflects the historical development of a term that vividly captures the notion of clumsiness and incompetence in one's actions.

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Further usage examples of bungle

1. I always seem to bungle things up when I'm in a rush.
2. The chef's lack of attention to detail caused him to bungle the dish.
3. The team's miscommunication led them to bungle the play.
4. The politician's inappropriate comment bungled his chances of winning the election.
5. I can't afford to bungle this opportunity; it's my only shot.
6. His careless mistake caused him to bungle the important contract.
7. She tried her best, but her lack of experience caused her to bungle the task.
8. The detective's oversight allowed the criminal to bungle the robbery.
9. I hope I don't bungle this interview; it's my dream job.
10. Despite his training, he still managed to bungle the rescue operation.
11. The team's lack of coordination caused them to bungle the game.
12. It's frustrating to watch someone bungle a task you could easily do yourself.
13. The director's poor guidance caused the actors to bungle their performance.
14. His attempt to fix the computer only resulted in a bungle of tangled wires.



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