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How to pronounce brace (audio)

Dictionary Definition of 'brace'

To provide support, reinforcement, or preparation for something.
"The government announced measures to brace the economy during the financial crisis."

Detailed Meaning of 'brace'

When someone braces, they physically or mentally prepare themselves for a potentially challenging or difficult situation. It involves adopting a stance of readiness or fortifying oneself to face an impending event or impact. In a physical sense, "brace" can refer to securing or stabilizing an object or structure to prevent movement or collapse. This can involve using braces or supports to reinforce the stability of something. Additionally, "brace" can describe the act of holding or gripping onto something firmly to maintain balance, prevent injury, or withstand force. In a figurative sense, "brace" can mean mentally preparing oneself, gathering strength, or steeling oneself for anticipated challenges or adversity. It often implies a sense of resilience or determination. Overall, the verb "brace" conveys the actions of preparing, supporting, reinforcing, or fortifying oneself physically, mentally, or structurally to face challenges or withstand external forces.

History and Etymology of 'brace'

The verb 'brace' has an interesting etymology that traces its origins to the Old French word 'bracier,' derived from the Vulgar Latin term 'brachium,' meaning 'arm.' This connection to the arm is symbolic of support and strength, as the arm is one of the body's primary means of providing support and stability. Over time, 'brace' extended its meaning to signify not only physical support but also preparation and reinforcement in a broader sense. When we use the verb 'brace' today, we are metaphorically invoking the idea of fortifying or supporting something, drawing on its historical association with the strength and support provided by the human arm.

Examples of 'brace' in a Sentence

1. The homeowner installed reinforcements to brace the foundation of the old house.
2. The team practiced emergency drills to brace for any unforeseen situations.
3. The coach gave a motivating speech to brace the players for the tough match ahead.
4. She tightened the straps of her backpack to brace it against her shoulders.
5. The doctor advised the patient to wear a back brace to alleviate spinal discomfort.
6. The engineers added extra steel beams to brace the bridge against high winds.
7. The parents provided emotional support to brace their child for the upcoming exam.
8. The artist used a wooden frame to brace the canvas and prevent warping.
9. The military conducted exercises to brace soldiers for combat scenarios.
10. The organization mobilized volunteers to brace the community against the impact of natural disasters.
11. The coach encouraged the team to brace their bodies and minds for the intense competition.
12. The financial advisor recommended diversifying investments to brace against market fluctuations.
13. The parents offered guidance and encouragement to brace their child for the challenges of adulthood.
14. Before the storm hits, we brace our homes to withstand heavy winds and rain.
15. In the cold, animals brace against the chill, seeking warmth and shelter.
16. Firefighters brace doors open to ensure a swift and safe exit during emergencies.
17. Soldiers brace for impact as the explosion's shockwave races towards them.
18. As the plane descends, passengers brace, gripping their armrests tightly.
19. Sailors brace against the ship's tilt, as waves crash over the deck.
20. At the cliff's edge, hikers brace, feeling the wind's powerful gusts.
21. Engineers brace the structure, ensuring it withstands earthquakes.
22. During speeches, speakers brace, ready to address a large audience.
23. Amid chaos, leaders brace, exuding calm and control for others.
24. Parents brace at dawn, preparing for a day of endless energy from kids.





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