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How to pronounce cabana (audio)

Dictionary definition of cabana

A small, often rustic structure that is used for shelter or relaxation, particularly in outdoor settings.
"We spent the afternoon lounging in the cabana, enjoying the ocean view."

Detailed meaning of cabana

Cabanas are commonly found at beaches, resorts, and swimming pools, and can be used for a variety of purposes, such as changing clothes, taking a break from the sun, or simply lounging. Cabanas are often made from natural materials like wood, bamboo, or thatch, and may feature amenities like seating, lighting, and a nearby source of water. The term "cabana" is often associated with tropical destinations and a laid-back, beachy vibe. Cabanas can be rented by the day or hour, and are often in high demand during peak travel seasons. Overall, the word "cabana" evokes a sense of relaxation, simplicity, and natural beauty, making it a popular feature of outdoor spaces in warm, sunny climates.

Example sentences of cabana

1. The cabana by the pool was a luxurious retreat from the sun.
2. I reserved a private cabana for our beach vacation.
3. The cabana offered a perfect spot to relax with a cold drink.
4. The cabana was equipped with comfortable seating and a mini-bar.
5. She rented a cabana for her birthday celebration at the resort.
6. The cabana's thatched roof provided welcome shade on a hot day.

History and etymology of cabana

The noun 'cabana' has its origins in Spanish, where it was originally spelled as 'cabaña.' It is derived from the Latin word 'capanna,' which means 'hut' or 'cabin.' In Spanish, 'cabaña' referred to a small, often rustic structure that provided shelter or a place for relaxation, especially in outdoor settings like beaches or gardens. As the term was adopted into English, it retained this essential meaning, describing a cozy and often quaint structure used for shelter, relaxation, or as a retreat, particularly in outdoor leisure settings. The etymology of 'cabana' reflects the idea of a simple and inviting structure, typically associated with leisure and enjoyment of natural surroundings.

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Further usage examples of cabana

1. We had a barbecue in the cabana for a fun family gathering.
2. The resort's cabana was the ideal place to unwind after a day of activities.
3. The cabana had a spectacular view of the sunset over the horizon.
4. We met friends at the cabana for a beachfront picnic.
5. The cabana was adorned with colorful beach towels and cushions.
6. Guests could reserve a cabana for private sunbathing.
7. The cabana's design was inspired by tropical paradise aesthetics.
8. The cabana had a stereo system for playing music by the pool.
9. The cabana provided a cozy escape from the bustling resort.
10. I enjoyed a massage in the cabana as the ocean breeze flowed in.
11. The cabana's curtains billowed in the sea breeze.
12. The cabana was well-stocked with snacks and refreshments.
13. She spent her honeymoon in a romantic cabana by the sea.
14. At the beach, we rented a colorful cabana for shade.
15. The tropical resort had private cabanas by the pool.
16. The mountain cabin had a cozy cabana for outdoor meals.
17. They built a cabana in their backyard for summer gatherings.
18. The spa offered luxurious cabana massages by the sea.
19. The beachfront cabana provided a perfect view of the ocean.
20. In the garden, there's a lovely cabana for quiet reading.
21. Guests enjoyed drinks and snacks in the poolside cabana.
22. The lakeside cabana was a serene escape from city life.
23. The rooftop cabana was the ideal spot for evening cocktails.
24. A quaint cabana nestled in the woods served as their retreat.



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