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How to pronounce gazebo (audio)

Dictionary definition of gazebo

An architectural structure typically found in gardens or parks, designed to provide a shaded and picturesque gathering place for relaxation and enjoyment.
"The gazebo stood proudly in the center of the garden, inviting visitors to relax and enjoy the surrounding beauty."

Detailed meaning of gazebo

It is often an open-sided pavilion with a roof supported by columns or pillars. Gazebos are known for their elegant and ornate designs, incorporating various architectural styles such as classical, Victorian, or Asian-inspired elements. They serve as a retreat from the sun or rain, offering a serene and sheltered space for people to appreciate nature, engage in conversation, or simply unwind. Gazebos are frequently adorned with decorative details like intricate carvings, latticework, or hanging plants, adding to their aesthetic appeal and creating a tranquil ambiance in outdoor settings.

Example sentences containing gazebo

1. The couple held their wedding ceremony beneath the ornate gazebo, surrounded by blooming flowers and lush greenery.
2. As the sun set, the soft glow of the string lights illuminated the gazebo, creating a magical atmosphere.
3. Families gathered in the gazebo, sharing laughter and stories during the summer picnic.
4. The sound of raindrops on the gazebo roof provided a soothing melody for those seeking solace in nature.
5. The artist set up their easel near the gazebo, capturing the tranquil scene on canvas.
6. The gazebo's intricate lattice design created mesmerizing patterns of light and shadow on the ground.

History and etymology of gazebo

The noun 'gazebo' has its etymological origins in the Latin word 'gazeba' or 'gazebo,' which means 'I shall gaze' or 'I shall look.' The term was later adopted into English from the Latin via the Middle English word 'gazebos.' A gazebo is an architectural structure often found in gardens or parks, designed to provide a shaded and picturesque gathering place for relaxation and enjoyment. The name 'gazebo' reflects its historical purpose as a place where people could sit and gaze upon the surrounding landscape, appreciating the beauty of nature. The etymology of 'gazebo' emphasizes the act of looking or gazing and underscores the connection between this architectural feature and the enjoyment of scenic views and outdoor leisure.

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Further usage examples of gazebo

1. On warm summer evenings, the gazebo became a hub for community concerts and performances.
2. The old gazebo had weathered many storms, but its charm remained intact, a testament to enduring beauty.
3. The sweet scent of jasmine vines enveloped the gazebo, creating an enchanting aroma.
4. Friends gathered around the gazebo, toasting to their shared memories and celebrating life's milestones.
5. Children's laughter echoed through the park as they played hide-and-seek around the gazebo's pillars.The ornate gazebo hosted a delightful garden party.
6. Visitors relaxed in the lakeside gazebo's cool shade.
7. The park's gazebo was a charming spot for weddings.
8. The gazebo's intricate carvings showcased craftsmanship.
9. Families enjoyed picnics under the gazebo's shelter.
10. The gazebo's bells chimed softly in the evening.
11. Couples often rendezvoused at the riverside gazebo.
12. The gazebo's design harmonized with the lush garden.
13. The gazebo's columns were adorned with climbing vines.
14. Friends congregated in the gazebo for chess matches.
15. The gazebo in the square hosted local performances.
16. The gazebo's roof tiles gleamed in the afternoon sun.
17. An elegant gazebo graced the heart of the botanical garden.
18. We gathered under the gazebo to celebrate birthdays.
19. The gazebo's fairy lights created a magical ambiance.
20. The gazebo's steps led to a secluded rose garden.
21. The gazebo in the meadow was a tranquil escape.
22. Music filled the air from the lakeside gazebo stage.
23. The gazebo's charm made it a popular wedding venue.
24. The gazebo's lattice walls provided privacy and charm.



pavilion, building, enclosure, indoors


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