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How to pronounce cadence (audio)

Dictionary definition of cadence

The rhythmic flow or pattern of sounds or movements.
"The runner's steady cadence of footsteps echoed through the empty street."

Detailed meaning of cadence

It is often associated with music, poetry, and speech, where it represents the melodic or metrical structure that gives a piece its distinct rhythm and pace. In music, cadence refers to the progression of chords that bring a musical phrase or section to a satisfying conclusion. It provides a sense of closure and resolution, shaping the overall mood and emotional impact of a composition. In poetry, cadence embodies the rise and fall of stressed and unstressed syllables, creating a harmonious and pleasing arrangement of words. Furthermore, in speech, cadence relates to the natural rise and fall of a person's voice, contributing to the expressiveness and clarity of their communication. Overall, cadence serves as a vital element in various artistic and linguistic forms, shaping the way we perceive and appreciate the beauty and harmony of auditory experiences.

Example sentences of cadence

1. The cadence of the drummer set the pace for the march.
2. His speech had a captivating and rhythmic cadence.
3. The song's cadence was both melodic and soothing.
4. The dance troupe moved in perfect cadence to the music.
5. Her footsteps had a gentle, soothing cadence on the sand.
6. The poem's cadence conveyed a sense of melancholy.

History and etymology of cadence

The noun 'cadence' has a musical and rhythmic etymology. It originated from the Italian word 'cadenza,' which meant 'fall' or 'cadence' in the musical sense. 'Cadenza' itself can be traced back to the Latin word 'cadentia,' derived from 'cadere,' meaning 'to fall.' In music, a 'cadence' refers to the melodic or harmonic conclusion of a musical phrase, often marked by a sense of closure and resolution. Over time, the term 'cadence' expanded beyond music to describe the rhythmic flow or pattern of sounds, movements, or speech. Its etymology highlights the connection between the structured rhythms of music and the broader concept of rhythmic patterns in various aspects of human expression and communication.

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Further usage examples of cadence

1. The cycling team maintained a steady cadence on the road.
2. The actor's delivery had an engaging dramatic cadence.
3. The ocean's waves had a calming and rhythmic cadence.
4. The conductor directed the orchestra with precise cadence.
5. His breathing matched the cadence of his running.
6. The cadence of the typewriter was oddly satisfying.
7. The martial arts master demonstrated a flawless cadence.
8. The rainfall had a rhythmic and peaceful cadence.
9. The cadence of the piano piece was intricate and beautiful.
10. The speaker's voice had a clear and measured cadence.
11. The horse's hooves echoed in a steady cadence.
12. The poem's cadence mirrored the poet's emotions.
13. The military drill had a strict and disciplined cadence.
14. The heartbeats had a calming, steady cadence during meditation.
15. The pianist's fingers danced across the keys, creating a mesmerizing cadence.
16. The poet carefully crafted each line to achieve a delicate cadence in her verses.
17. The conductor guided the orchestra, ensuring that every instrument followed the desired cadence.
18. The speaker's smooth cadence captivated the audience, keeping them engaged throughout the presentation.
19. As the waves crashed against the shore, they formed a rhythmic cadence that soothed the beachgoers.
20. The dancer's graceful movements were in perfect cadence with the music.
21. The drummer set the cadence for the band, dictating the tempo and energy of the performance.
22. The hiker fell into a comfortable cadence as she trekked through the forest.
23. The poet's words flowed with a lyrical cadence, evoking a range of emotions in the reader.
24. The song's catchy cadence got stuck in my head, playing on a loop throughout the day.
25. The military march was characterized by its strong and precise cadence, reflecting discipline and unity.



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