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How to pronounce calibre (audio)

Dictionary Definition of 'calibre'

The quality of someone's character or the level of their ability, in terms of skill, excellence, and distinction.
"The calibre of the speakers at the conference was outstanding."

Detailed Meaning of 'calibre'

It is often used to describe the level of excellence or proficiency of a person in a particular field or activity. A person of high calibre is one who is skilled and accomplished, with a strong set of abilities, talents, and qualities. They are known for their excellence, distinction, and proficiency in their field, and for their ability to produce high-quality results.

In terms of character, a person of high calibre is known for their integrity, honesty, and strong moral principles. They possess strong values and are guided by their conscience, and they are respected for their ethical and responsible behavior. They exhibit a high degree of professionalism, and they are dependable and reliable in their actions and decisions.

On the other hand, a person of low calibre is one who is not as skilled or accomplished, and may lack the qualities or abilities that are associated with excellence. They may struggle with producing high-quality results, lack professionalism and integrity, and be unreliable and irresponsible in their actions and decisions.

In summary, the term "calibre" is used to describe the level of skill, excellence, and quality of a person, whether it is in terms of their abilities, talents or character.

In firearms, caliber refers to the measurement of the diameter of the bore (the inside of the barrel) of a gun or the bullet that is used in it. The caliber of a firearm is usually expressed in millimeters or inches and it is used to indicate the size of the bullet that the gun is designed to fire.

In the field of engineering and manufacturing, caliber is used to refer to the precision or accuracy of a machine or tool. A machine or tool with high caliber has the ability to produce precise and accurate results, while a machine or tool with low caliber produces imprecise and inaccurate results.

History and Etymology of 'calibre'

The term 'calibre' derives from the Old French word 'calibre,' which originally meant 'a unit of measurement' or 'a standard gauge.' It can be traced back further to the Late Latin word 'calibra,' which referred to a weight or measure. The transition of meaning from a physical measurement to the figurative sense of someone's character or skill level likely occurred over time, as people began to use the concept of a standard or measurement to assess the quality and excellence of individuals. This evolution in meaning reflects how language adapts and extends its roots to encompass broader and more abstract concepts, such as personal qualities and abilities.

Examples of 'calibre' in a Sentence

1. His writing showcased a high calibre of storytelling.
2. The company values employees of exceptional calibre.
3. The athlete's calibre was evident in every competition.
4. Her culinary calibre was unmatched in the restaurant.
5. The candidate's calibre was evident in the interview.
6. The school seeks students of high academic calibre.
7. The calibre of the product exceeded our expectations.
8. His moral calibre was beyond reproach.
9. The project's calibre determined its success.
10. The team's calibre influenced the game's outcome.
11. The actor's calibre shone through in every performance.
12. The chef's culinary calibre set a new standard.
13. The leader's calibre inspired trust and loyalty.
14. The calibre of the research was recognized internationally.
15. The gun had a high calibre and was capable of causing significant damage.
16. He was impressed by the calibre of the musicians at the concert.
17. She was known for her high calibre of work in the field of research.
18. The calibre of the speakers at the conference was outstanding.
19. He was proud of his son's calibre of work in the company.
20. The calibre of the team was evident in their ability to work well together.
21. She was a woman of great calibre, who inspired many people.
22. The calibre of the applicants was very high, making the selection process difficult.
23. He had a high calibre of taste in literature.
24. The calibre of the school was reflected in the achievements of its students.
25. She had a great calibre of intelligence, she was able to understand complex issues easily.
26. The calibre of the athletes in the competition was impressive.





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