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honesty, deceit, dishonesty, duplicity



How to pronounce candor (audio)

Dictionary definition of candor

The quality of being honest, sincere, and straightforward in one's dealings with others.
"He spoke with candor about his difficult childhood."

Detailed meaning of candor

It is a trait that involves being open and truthful in communication and behavior, without any attempt to deceive or mislead others. Candor is a highly valued characteristic in personal and professional relationships as it establishes a foundation of trust and respect between individuals. People who possess candor are known for their transparency and ability to express their thoughts and feelings openly and honestly, even in difficult situations. Candor is often regarded as a vital component of effective communication, leadership, and personal growth.

Example sentences of candor

1. Her candor in the interview impressed the hiring manager.
2. Candor is a valued trait in effective communication.
3. He appreciated her candor when discussing the project's challenges.
4. The CEO's candor in addressing the company's issues inspired trust.
5. Mutual candor is essential for a healthy relationship.
6. The politician's candor about the budget deficit was refreshing.

History and etymology of candor

The noun 'candor' has its etymological roots in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'candor,' which means 'whiteness' or 'brightness.' In the context of character and personality, 'candor' originally referred to a quality associated with purity and brightness of spirit. Over time, this term was adopted into English to describe the quality of being honest, sincere, and straightforward in one's dealings with others. 'Candor' suggests a transparency of thought and expression, akin to the pure and unblemished quality of whiteness or brightness. The etymology of 'candor' highlights its historical connection to the idea of purity and straightforwardness, emphasizing its role in characterizing honesty and sincerity in human interactions.

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Further usage examples of candor

1. In their friendship, they always valued honesty and candor.
2. She approached difficult conversations with grace and candor.
3. Transparency and candor build credibility in leadership.
4. His candor in admitting his mistakes was admirable.
5. Workplace success often hinges on open candor among colleagues.
6. The therapist encouraged candor in sharing personal struggles.
7. The book's candor about the author's life resonated with readers.
8. She valued candor in her friendships above all else.
9. The journalist's candor in reporting the truth earned respect.
10. The counselor's candor created a safe space for clients.
11. Family relationships thrive with open communication and candor.
12. Candor can lead to constructive solutions in problem-solving.
13. The team's candor during brainstorming sessions fostered creativity.
14. The coach's candor helped the athlete improve and grow.
15. Her candor in admitting her mistake was appreciated.
16. I appreciate his candor when he speaks to me.
17. The politician's candor impressed the voters.
18. Candor is always the best policy in a relationship.
19. His candor was refreshing, as he did not sugarcoat anything.
20. The writer's candor in her memoir was praised by critics.
21. We need more candor in our conversations to build trust.
22. The CEO's candor about the company's financial issues was surprising.
23. Candor is an important quality for a good leader.
24. Her candor in the job interview helped her secure the position.
25. The coach's candor with his players helped them improve.



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