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How to pronounce capture (audio)

Dictionary Definition of 'capture'

To catch, seize, or gain control over something or someone.
"The artist used bold strokes to capture the essence of the sunset on canvas."

Detailed Meaning of 'capture'

It involves the process of capturing or trapping a person, animal, or object, often with the intention of confining, detaining, or securing it. The act of capture can be physical, such as capturing a criminal or capturing a wild animal, or it can be metaphorical, such as capturing a moment through photography or capturing someone's attention with a captivating story. In either case, the verb "capture" implies the successful acquisition, containment, or dominance over the target, whether it be a tangible entity or an abstract concept.

History and Etymology of 'capture'

The verb 'capture' has its origins in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'capturare,' which is a derivative of 'captus,' the past participle of the verb 'capere,' meaning 'to take' or 'to seize.' In its original Latin form, 'capture' signified the act of taking or seizing something, whether it be a physical object, a person, or even an idea. Over time, as the word evolved and was adopted into English, it retained its fundamental sense of catching, seizing, or gaining control over something or someone. The etymology of 'capture' reflects the age-old human endeavor to secure, control, or possess various elements in the world, whether tangible or intangible, making it a term that continues to be relevant in discussions of acquisition and control today.

Examples of 'capture' in a Sentence

1. The spy's mission was to capture sensitive information from the enemy's headquarters.
2. The stunning photograph captured the magnificence of the mountain range.
3. The writer's words beautifully captured the nostalgia of childhood memories.
4. The new smartphone features a high-resolution camera that can capture stunning photos.
5. The scientific study aimed to capture the elusive behavior of nocturnal animals in their natural environment.
6. The photographer aimed to capture the perfect sunset over the horizon.
7. Scientists hope to capture valuable data from the deep-sea expedition.
8. The spy's mission was to capture sensitive information from the enemy.
9. The butterfly net was used to capture the elusive monarch butterfly.
10. The artist sought to capture the essence of nature in her painting.
11. The police managed to capture the fugitive after a long chase.
12. The chef's culinary skills could capture the flavors of any cuisine.
13. The wildlife photographer aimed to capture the rare snow leopard.
14. The virus can capture your personal data if you're not careful online.
15. The thief attempted to capture the priceless jewel from the museum.
16. The new software can capture high-resolution images from space.
17. The athlete's goal was to capture the championship title.
18. The filmmaker wanted to capture the raw emotions of the actors.
19. The spider was quick to capture its prey in its intricate web.
20. The treasure hunter hoped to capture the ancient artifact.
21. The journalist wanted to capture the truth in her investigative report.
22. The magician's trick was to capture doves and make them disappear.
23. The historian worked to capture the essence of a bygone era.
24. The fisherman tried to capture the elusive giant marlin.
25. The politician's speech aimed to capture the hearts of voters.





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