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How to pronounce ensnare (audio)


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Dictionary definition of ensnare

To catch or trap someone or something in a snare or trap, often in a deceptive or cunning manner.
"The con artist tried to ensnare the elderly woman with a phone scam."

Detailed meaning of ensnare

It can also refer to capturing someone's attention or interest, as if they have been trapped or caught in a spell. To ensnare someone is to trick or deceive them into a situation or circumstance that they would not have chosen had they known the full truth. The word "ensnare" can be used in both physical and figurative contexts, and is often used to describe a negative or harmful action. For example, a spider ensnares its prey in a web, and a person might be ensnared by a dishonest salesman or a tempting offer that turns out to be a scam.

Example sentences containing ensnare

1. The hunter set up a trap to ensnare the wild animal.
2. The spider spun a delicate web to ensnare its prey.
3. The cunning fox devised a plan to ensnare the unsuspecting chickens.
4. The kidnapper used a ruse to ensnare his victim.
5. The detective carefully laid out the evidence to ensnare the suspect.
6. The magician's trick was designed to ensnare the audience's attention.

History and etymology of ensnare

The verb 'ensnare' has an etymology that combines the prefix 'en-' meaning 'to make' or 'to cause to be' with the word 'snare.' A 'snare' is a trap or a device designed to catch or entrap something, often used in hunting or to capture animals. Therefore, 'ensnare' literally means 'to make into a snare' or 'to cause to be trapped.' This term emphasizes the action of catching or trapping someone or something, typically in a cunning or deceptive manner. The etymology of 'ensnare' underscores the idea of using a device or strategy to capture or deceive, highlighting the deliberate and often crafty nature of this action.

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Further usage examples of ensnare

1. The seductive charm of the vampire was meant to ensnare her victims.
2. The elaborate scheme was crafted to ensnare the corrupt politicians.
3. The hacker deployed a sophisticated phishing technique to ensnare unwary users.
4. The spider's web was strategically placed to ensnare passing insects.
5. The drug lord used a network of informants to ensnare rival gangs.
6. The predator patiently waited to ensnare its unsuspecting prey.
7. The con artist used flattery to ensnare his gullible victims.
8. The journalist exposed the corruption scandal to ensnare the powerful individuals involved.
9. The spider quickly moved to ensnare the mosquito buzzing nearby.
10. The ancient trap was designed to ensnare large animals for hunting purposes.
11. The spy planted false information to ensnare the enemy agents.
12. The snare was carefully hidden in the underbrush, ready to ensnare any unwary animal.
13. The hunter tried to ensnare a rabbit in a trap.
14. The politician tried to ensnare his opponent with a tricky question.



trap, release, free, liberate


Prefix en-, ACT 14 (American College Testing), Artifice and Falseness, Deception and Trickery

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