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How to pronounce carte-blanche (audio)

Dictionary Definition of 'carte-blanche'

A situation where someone is given complete freedom to act as they see fit.
"The captain gave his first officer carte blanche to handle the ship's operations."

Detailed Meaning of 'carte-blanche'

"Carte blanche" is a French phrase that translates to "white card" or "blank card." It is often used to describe a situation where someone is given complete freedom or authority to act as they see fit, without any restrictions or limitations. This phrase is usually used to refer to a situation where someone is given complete power to make decisions and take actions without any oversight or guidance. It is often associated with situations where someone is given a free hand to do whatever they want, without any restrictions or accountability. It can also refer to a document that grants permission or authorization for something to happen, without any conditions or restrictions. The term is often used in the context of politics, military, and business as well as in literature and media to indicate an unrestricted or unbridled authority.

History and Etymology of 'carte-blanche'

The noun 'carte blanche' has its etymological origins in French. In French, 'carte' means 'card' or 'piece of paper,' and 'blanche' translates to 'white.' Together, 'carte blanche' literally means 'white card' or 'blank card.' This term originally referred to a blank, unsigned document or official order that was given to someone, allowing them to fill in the details as they saw fit. Over time, it evolved to describe a situation where someone is given complete freedom and authority to act without restrictions or limitations, as if they held an open, blank slate upon which they could write their own terms or make their own choices. The etymology of 'carte blanche' reflects its historical use in written agreements and its current connotation of unrestricted decision-making and freedom of action.

Examples of 'carte-blanche' in a Sentence

1. The editor had carte blanche to select the cover art for the magazine.
2. The CEO's carte blanche approach to management empowered employees to be creative.
3. The architect had carte blanche to design the futuristic building.
4. The investor trusted the fund manager with carte blanche control of her portfolio.
5. The CEO's carte blanche hiring policy attracted top talent to the company.
6. The conductor had carte blanche to select the repertoire for the orchestra's concert.
7. The designer was granted carte blanche to decorate the luxurious penthouse.
8. The general gave his troops carte blanche to use any necessary tactics.
9. The explorer was granted carte blanche to choose the expedition's route.
10. The principal offered the teacher carte blanche in designing the curriculum.
11. With carte blanche to innovate, the engineer developed groundbreaking technology.
12. The writer had carte blanche to explore any topic for her next book.
13. The CEO's philosophy was to give employees carte blanche when it came to creativity and innovation.
14. The CEO granted her carte-blanche to revamp the company's strategy.
15. With carte-blanche authority, he transformed the neglected project.
16. The artist had carte-blanche to decorate the entire gallery.
17. In negotiations, he demanded carte-blanche decision-making power.
18. Her expertise earned her carte-blanche in designing the menu.
19. The government's emergency response team had carte-blanche to act swiftly.
20. The coach gave the star player carte-blanche on the field.
21. With carte-blanche access, the journalist uncovered the truth.
22. He earned carte-blanche trust with his impeccable track record.
23. The diplomat was granted carte-blanche to negotiate the treaty.
24. The general's orders were clear: carte-blanche to win the battle.





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