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How to pronounce cassock (audio)

Dictionary definition of cassock

A long, flowing garment worn by members of the clergy in various religious traditions, most commonly associated with the Catholic Church.
"The bishop's cassock was adorned with richly colored velvet trim."

Detailed meaning of cassock

The term "cassock" derives from the Italian word "casuccia," meaning "little house," reflecting its close-fitting and full-length design. Typically black in color, the cassock is a symbol of religious office and represents the wearer's commitment to their faith. It is characterized by its straight, ankle-length cut, long sleeves, and often features buttons or a row of fastenings down the front. Cassocks are worn by priests, deacons, and other clergy members during religious services, as well as on formal occasions and ceremonies. The cassock's modest and dignified appearance reflects the solemnity and reverence associated with religious service. It serves as a visual representation of the clergy's role as spiritual guides and symbolizes their dedication to their religious calling.

Example sentences of cassock

1. The priest wore a black cassock as he led the congregation in prayer.
2. The deacon's cassock featured intricate gold embroidery along the hem.
3. The young seminarian proudly donned his first cassock during the ordination ceremony.
4. The monastic order required its members to wear a simple brown cassock.
5. The pastor's cassock billowed gracefully as he walked down the church aisle.
6. The priest's cassock concealed his everyday attire, symbolizing his role as a spiritual leader.

History and etymology of cassock

The noun 'cassock' has an etymology that can be traced back to medieval Europe and ecclesiastical Latin. It is derived from the Old French word 'casaque,' which referred to a long coat or garment. This Old French term was influenced by the ecclesiastical Latin word 'casaque' or 'casula,' which denoted a similar type of vestment worn by members of the clergy. The term 'cassock' specifically refers to the long, flowing garment worn by clergy members in various religious traditions, with its most common association being with the Catholic Church. Its etymology reflects the historical and cultural significance of this distinctive religious attire, which has been a symbol of clerical identity and devotion for centuries.

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Further usage examples of cassock

1. The acolytes meticulously pressed their cassocks before the important religious service.
2. The cassock served as a visual marker, distinguishing the clergy from the congregation.
3. The cardinal's scarlet cassock signified his high rank within the Church hierarchy.
4. The choir members donned white cassocks, creating a striking contrast against the dark church pews.
5. The altar servers donned their cassocks and prepared to assist during the solemn Eucharistic celebration.
6. The priest donned his black cassock for the Sunday service.
7. The bishop's cassock was adorned with intricate embroidery.
8. He wore a traditional white cassock during the papal audience.
9. The deacon's cassock was made of rich, purple fabric.
10. The altar boys wore matching cassocks and surplices.
11. The clergy gathered in their cassocks for the procession.
12. The monastic order required members to wear a brown cassock.
13. The cardinal's red cassock symbolized his rank in the church.
14. The choir members wore cassocks while singing hymns.
15. The seminarian proudly wore his cassock during training.
16. The young acolyte adjusted his cassock before the ceremony.
17. The priest's cassock billowed as he walked down the aisle.
18. The cassock and biretta were essential attire for the clergy.
19. The deacon's cassock was adorned with a simple white collar.
20. The novices learned to sew their own cassocks in the convent.
21. The cassock was a symbol of devotion and service to God.
22. The bishop's cassock was made of luxurious silk.
23. The nuns wore modest cassocks as part of their religious habit.
24. The monk's cassock was a symbol of his commitment to God.
25. The pastor's cassock was well-worn from years of service.



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