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initiate, hinder, prevent, delay



How to pronounce catalyze (audio)

Dictionary definition of catalyze

To initiate or accelerate a reaction, transformation, or change.
"The economic reforms were designed to catalyze growth and attract investment."

Detailed meaning of catalyze

When something catalyzes, it acts as a catalyst, a substance or factor that facilitates or speeds up a chemical, biological, or social process without being consumed or permanently altered in the process. In a chemical context, a catalyst lowers the activation energy required for a reaction, allowing it to occur more readily or at a faster rate. Similarly, in a broader sense, when an event or action catalyzes something, it triggers or stimulates a significant and often rapid development or transformation. It serves as a spark or impetus that brings about a chain of events or influences, leading to a notable shift, progress, or impact in a particular system, situation, or context. The verb 'catalyze' implies a catalyst's power to initiate or enhance a process, often resulting in profound and lasting effects.

Example sentences of catalyze

1. This incident may catalyze a major shift in public opinion.
2. A strong leader can catalyze change within an organization.
3. The book aims to catalyze a conversation on racial equality.
4. A good teacher can catalyze a love for learning in their students.
5. Sometimes a major crisis can catalyze innovation and growth.
6. Her passionate speech could catalyze a movement for change.

History and etymology of catalyze

The verb 'catalyze' has its etymological roots in chemistry and the Greek language. It is derived from the Greek word 'katalysis,' which means 'dissolution' or 'loosening.' This term was formed from 'kata,' meaning 'down,' and 'lysis,' meaning 'a loosening' or 'a splitting apart.' In chemistry, a catalyst is a substance that initiates or accelerates a chemical reaction by lowering the activation energy required for the reaction to occur, effectively speeding up the process without being consumed itself. The verb 'catalyze' is used to describe the action of a catalyst in initiating or accelerating a reaction, transformation, or change. Its etymology underscores the concept of a substance or agent that facilitates change by 'loosening' or facilitating reactions, a fundamental principle in the field of chemistry.

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Further usage examples of catalyze

1. A strategic investment can catalyze the growth of a small business.
2. The tragic event did nothing but catalyze an already tense situation.
3. A spark of curiosity can catalyze a lifelong journey of discovery.
4. New technologies often catalyze societal changes.
5. Music has the power to catalyze emotions within us.
6. The conference aims to catalyze new ideas and collaborations in the industry.
7. His groundbreaking research will catalyze advancements in the field of genetics.
8. A fresh perspective can often catalyze a breakthrough in a stalemate.
9. The entrepreneur hopes that her innovation will catalyze a new era in renewable energy.
10. An impactful mentor can catalyze personal and professional growth in their mentees.
11. The government's new policy might catalyze a revolution in clean energy.
12. The discovery of penicillin helped to catalyze the development of antibiotics.
13. Her inspiring story could catalyze many young girls to pursue their dreams.
14. The team hopes that their new strategy will catalyze success in the upcoming tournament.
15. The new technology has the potential to catalyze innovation in various industries.
16. The scientific discovery could catalyze advancements in medicine and improve patient care.
17. The introduction of renewable energy sources will catalyze a shift towards a more sustainable future.
18. The research findings are expected to catalyze a paradigm shift in our understanding of the universe.
19. The government's investment in infrastructure aims to catalyze economic development in the region.
20. The introduction of new policies could catalyze positive change in the education system.
21. The collaboration between artists and scientists has the potential to catalyze groundbreaking innovations.
22. The mentor's guidance and support helped catalyze the student's personal and professional growth.


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