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accelerate, delay, hinder, slow


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How to pronounce expedite (audio)


Dictionary definition of expedite

To speed up or facilitate the progress of a process, task, or action, often by taking steps to ensure that it is completed more quickly and efficiently.
"The company apologised for their mistake and promised to expedite the order."

Detailed meaning of expedite

When individuals or organizations expedite something, they make efforts to eliminate delays, streamline procedures, or remove obstacles that might hinder its timely completion. This term is often used in business, administration, or logistics, where expediting can involve prioritizing urgent tasks, accelerating the handling of documents or shipments, or fast-tracking decision-making processes. "Expedite" underscores the sense of urgency and efficiency associated with taking actions to ensure that a task or process is carried out in a timely and prompt manner, often to meet deadlines or address pressing needs.

Example sentences containing expedite

1. We need to expedite the shipping process to meet the customer's deadline.
2. The manager asked us to expedite the approval of the project.
3. Can you expedite the payment process to ensure timely delivery?
4. The company decided to expedite the hiring process due to the urgent need for new employees.
5. Our goal is to expedite the resolution of customer complaints and ensure their satisfaction.
6. Please expedite the production of the urgent orders.

History and etymology of expedite

The verb 'expedite' has its etymological origins in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'expedire,' which means 'to make ready' or 'to prepare.' This word is composed of 'ex,' which means 'out,' and 'pes,' meaning 'foot.' Originally, 'expedite' referred to the act of freeing oneself from entanglements or obstacles, suggesting the idea of removing impediments to move forward swiftly. Over time, it evolved to encompass the broader concept of speeding up or facilitating the progress of a process, task, or action, often by taking steps to ensure that it is completed more quickly and efficiently. This etymological journey reflects the historical connection between readiness and efficiency, emphasizing the preparation and swift execution of tasks or actions.

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Further usage examples of expedite

1. The government is taking measures to expedite the visa application process.
2. The team worked tirelessly to expedite the completion of the construction project.
3. We need to expedite the decision-making process to avoid any further delays.
4. The CEO has asked us to expedite the implementation of the new marketing strategy.
5. The medical team is trained to expedite emergency procedures.
6. The company invested in new technology to expedite data analysis.
7. The government is determined to expedite the infrastructure development in the region.
8. Our priority is to expedite the resolution of customer support tickets.
9. The lawyer will file a motion to expedite the court proceedings.
10. The airline implemented new measures to expedite the check-in process.
11. We are looking for ways to expedite the delivery of goods to remote areas.
12. The research team is working hard to expedite the discovery of a cure for the disease.
13. The government promised to expedite the distribution of relief supplies to the affected areas.
14. The IT department is working on ways to expedite the software update process.

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