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How to pronounce cavalcade (audio)

Dictionary definition of cavalcade

A procession of people or vehicles moving along a particular route.
"The annual parade featured a cavalcade of floats and marching bands."

Detailed meaning of cavalcade

A cavalcade is The term is often used to describe a parade or celebration that includes horse-drawn carriages, riders on horseback, or other forms of transportation. In a cavalcade, the participants typically move in a line, with each person or vehicle following closely behind the one in front. The cavalcade may be organized for a variety of reasons, such as to mark a special occasion, to honor a particular individual or group, or to showcase a particular skill or tradition. The cavalcade may also include musical performances, speeches, and other forms of entertainment.

Example sentences of cavalcade

1. The royal cavalcade paraded through the city, dazzling the crowds.
2. A cavalcade of vintage cars rumbled down the historic street.
3. The annual Mardi Gras cavalcade brought color to the streets.
4. A cavalcade of protestors marched peacefully for their cause.
5. The wedding cavalcade included horse-drawn carriages.
6. The holiday cavalcade featured festive floats and music.

History and etymology of cavalcade

The noun 'cavalcade' has its etymology rooted in Italian and ultimately derives from Latin. It comes from the Italian word 'cavalcata,' which is related to 'cavalcare' (meaning 'to ride on horseback'). In turn, 'cavalcata' finds its origin in the Latin word 'caballicare,' which also means 'to ride on horseback' and is derived from 'caballus' (meaning 'horse'). Over time, the term 'cavalcade' broadened in meaning to refer to a procession of people or vehicles moving along a particular route, not limited to horseback riders. The etymology of 'cavalcade' thus reflects its historical association with equestrian events and the transition of the term to describe various types of processions and parades, highlighting its evolution from a focus on horses to a broader concept of organized and impressive marches or displays.

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Further usage examples of cavalcade

1. The presidential cavalcade made its way through cheering crowds.
2. The circus cavalcade delighted children with its exotic animals.
3. A cavalcade of motorcycles roared through the countryside.
4. The cavalcade of lanterns lit up the night at the festival.
5. The cavalcade of boats sailed gracefully into the harbor.
6. The cavalcade of hikers followed the scenic mountain trail.
7. A cavalcade of diplomats attended the international summit.
8. The cavalcade of trucks transported goods across the country.
9. The historical reenactment featured a cavalcade of period costumes.
10. The cavalcade of athletes marched proudly in the opening ceremony.
11. A cavalcade of police cars escorted the dignitary's limousine.
12. The cavalcade of talent on the stage left the audience in awe.
13. The cavalcade of stars arrived at the red carpet event.
14. The cavalcade of cyclists pedaled together in the charity race.
15. The cavalcade of cars stretched for miles along the highway.
16. The royal cavalcade made its way through the crowded streets of the city.
17. A cavalcade of celebrities walked down the red carpet at the movie premiere.
18. The cowboy led a cavalcade of horses through the dusty plains.
19. The circus cavalcade included clowns, acrobats, and trained animals.
20. The wedding procession was a cavalcade of colorful dresses and suits.
21. A cavalcade of motorcycles rumbled down the street, revving their engines.
22. The queen's cavalcade was escorted by a regiment of soldiers.
23. The cavalcade of boats sailed down the river in perfect formation.
24. The touring musicians arrived in a cavalcade of tour buses.
25. The carnival parade was a cavalcade of floats, dancers, and entertainers.


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