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How to pronounce motorcade (audio)


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Dictionary definition of motorcade

A procession of vehicles, typically automobiles or motorcycles, that are driven in a convoy.
"The funeral motorcade drove slowly through the quiet town."

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Detailed meaning of motorcade

The term is often used in reference to a procession of dignitaries or officials, such as a visiting head of state, or to a funeral procession. A motorcade may be accompanied by police or other security personnel, who help ensure the safety of the participants and control traffic along the route. The vehicles in a motorcade may be decorated or specially marked to identify their importance, and they may be arranged in a specific order according to protocol. The purpose of a motorcade is to provide a safe and secure mode of transportation for the participants, and to demonstrate the importance or prestige of the event or the individuals involved.

Example sentences containing motorcade

1. The president's motorcade drove through cheering crowds.
2. Security personnel surrounded the royal motorcade.
3. The celebrity's motorcade caused a traffic jam.
4. A long motorcade escorted the foreign dignitary.
5. The wedding motorcade honked joyfully in celebration.
6. Protesters gathered along the political motorcade route.

History and etymology of motorcade

The noun 'motorcade' is a compound word formed from two key elements: 'motor' and 'cade.' 'Motor' originates from the Latin word 'motor,' which means 'mover' or 'something that imparts motion.' 'Cade' is a shortened form of 'cavalcade,' which comes from the Italian 'cavalcata' and ultimately from the Latin 'cavalcare,' meaning 'to ride on horseback.' In the context of a motorcade, 'motor' signifies the use of vehicles with engines, such as automobiles or motorcycles, while 'cade' conveys the idea of a procession or convoy. Thus, the etymology of 'motorcade' underscores the transition from traditional horse-drawn processions to modern ones composed of motorized vehicles, highlighting the role of engines in moving the convoy.

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Further usage examples of motorcade

1. The funeral motorcade moved slowly through the streets.
2. The motorcade of classic cars delighted vintage enthusiasts.
3. Paparazzi followed the star's motorcade for a glimpse.
4. The parade featured a colorful motorcade of floats.
5. The motorcade made a grand entrance at the event.
6. The military motorcade displayed strength and precision.
7. The championship team received a hero's motorcade.
8. The motorcade transported world leaders to the summit.
9. The sports car motorcade revved their engines in unison.
10. Fans lined the streets to cheer the championship motorcade.
11. A motorcade of motorcycles roared down the highway.
12. The motorcade signaled the start of the parade.
13. The motorcade brought dignitaries to the historic signing.
14. The motorcade of vintage vehicles attracted admirers.
15. The president's motorcade drove through the crowded streets.
16. The motorcade of luxury cars pulled up to the red carpet.
17. The police motorcade escorted the VIPs to the conference.
18. A motorcade of classic cars paraded through the city.
19. The motorcade of limousines stopped outside the theater.
20. A motorcade of motorcycles led the charity ride.
21. The motorcade of buses transported the marching band to the competition.
22. The motorcade of race cars sped down the track.
23. A motorcade of vintage vehicles participated in the car show.
24. The wedding motorcade honked their horns in celebration.
25. The diplomatic motorcade traveled to the embassy under heavy security.



convoy, standstill, immobility, stasis


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