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dismissive, concerned, attentive, careful



How to pronounce cavalier (audio)

Dictionary definition of cavalier

Displaying a casual, indifferent, or disdainful attitude towards important matters, responsibilities, or conventions.
"The cavalier attitude towards deadlines caused the project to be delivered late."

Detailed meaning of cavalier

When we characterize an individual as cavalier, we suggest that they are often nonchalant, carefree, or even reckless in their approach, often disregarding the potential consequences of their actions. This term may also convey a sense of arrogance or a lack of seriousness, implying that the person behaves with an air of superiority or entitlement. For instance, someone who takes a cavalier attitude towards their job might not take it seriously or fulfill their duties diligently. "Cavalier" underscores a certain degree of insouciance and disregard for established norms or expectations, which can be perceived as disrespectful or irresponsible in various contexts.

Example sentences of cavalier

1. The young nobleman had a cavalier attitude towards his responsibilities.
2. The cavalier disregard for the rules resulted in chaos.
3. The cavalier approach to the project was both reckless and irresponsible.
4. The cavalier swagger of the pirate captain intimidated his crew.
5. The cavalier attitude towards money was causing financial problems.
6. The cavalier treatment of the historical artifact angered the curator.

History and etymology of cavalier

The adjective 'cavalier' has its roots in French, specifically from the word 'chevalier,' meaning 'knight.' It entered the English language in the 16th century. 'Cavalier' originally described a person associated with chivalry, knighthood, and a code of honor. Over time, its meaning evolved to also include the idea of displaying a casual, indifferent, or disdainful attitude towards important matters, responsibilities, or conventions. The etymology of 'cavalier' effectively conveys the contrast between the noble and honorable image of a knight and the cavalier's more nonchalant and sometimes dismissive demeanor. Whether used to describe a cavalier attitude towards rules, a cavalier disregard for consequences, or a cavalier approach to important issues, this term underscores the notion of a carefree and sometimes arrogant attitude.

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Further usage examples of cavalier

1. The cavalier disregard for safety put everyone in the room in danger.
2. The cavalier attitude towards customer service resulted in a loss of business.
3. The cavalier handling of the delicate equipment caused it to break.
4. The cavalier dismissal of the complaints was not well received by the customers.
5. The cavalier manner in which the speaker delivered their lecture was unprofessional.
6. He approached the project with a cavalier attitude, showing little concern for the potential consequences.
7. She was criticized for her cavalier attitude towards safety, disregarding established protocols.
8. The team was unimpressed by his cavalier attitude towards deadlines, finding it irresponsible and unprofessional.
9. He was known for his cavalier attitude towards authority, often disregarding rules and regulations.
10. She was criticized for her cavalier attitude towards customer complaints, showing little empathy or concern.
11. He was criticized for his cavalier attitude towards safety, often engaging in risky behavior.
12. He was described as having a cavalier attitude towards the law, showing little respect for the legal system.
13. She was criticized for her cavalier attitude towards personal privacy, showing little concern for the rights of others.
14. His cavalier attitude towards deadlines frustrated his coworkers.
15. She adopted a cavalier approach to safety precautions.
16. Their cavalier dismissal of the rules led to chaos.
17. The CEO's cavalier disregard for ethics raised concerns.
18. In a cavalier manner, he ignored the urgent memo.
19. A cavalier response to criticism only worsened the situation.
20. The politician's cavalier promises lacked substance.
21. It's dangerous to be cavalier about cybersecurity.
22. The student's cavalier attitude towards studying affected his grades.
23. She faced consequences for her cavalier handling of finances.
24. His cavalier behavior at the meeting shocked everyone.


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