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How to pronounce haughty (audio)

Dictionary definition of haughty

Displaying an attitude of excessive pride, arrogance, or superiority towards others.
"The haughty manner in which she spoke to the waiter was rude and disrespectful."

Detailed meaning of haughty

When we characterize an individual as haughty, we suggest that they carry themselves with a sense of condescension and look down upon others as if they are inferior. This term signifies an inflated self-image and a belief in one's own importance or superiority over others. Haughty individuals often exhibit a lack of humility and can come across as disdainful or snobbish. Their behavior may convey a sense of entitlement, and they may be dismissive of others' opinions or feelings. "Haughty" underscores the idea of an overbearing and haughty demeanor, which can hinder effective communication and harmonious interactions with others.

Example sentences containing haughty

1. Her haughty demeanor made it difficult for others to approach her.
2. Despite his achievements, he remained humble and never displayed a haughty attitude.
3. The queen gave a haughty glance to the courtiers as she passed by.
4. His haughty expression turned to surprise when he was proven wrong.
5. The haughty professor dismissed the student's question without giving it any consideration.
6. She couldn't stand the haughty air of superiority that her colleague always carried.

History and etymology of haughty

The adjective 'haughty' draws its etymological roots from Old French, specifically the word 'haut,' meaning 'high' or 'elevated.' Over time, this notion of being 'high' in a literal sense evolved metaphorically to signify superiority or arrogance. As 'haughty' entered the English language, it retained this sense of lofty pride and an attitude of superiority towards others. Thus, when describing someone as 'haughty,' it conveys their demeanor as excessively proud, aloof, and disdainful, as if they are looking down from a lofty perch upon those they consider beneath them.

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Further usage examples of haughty

1. The haughty aristocrat looked down on the common people and treated them with disdain.
2. Despite being new to the team, she had a haughty manner that rubbed others the wrong way.
3. The celebrity’s haughty dismissal of his fans' requests for autographs was disappointing.
4. His haughty refusal to listen to others' opinions eventually led to his downfall.
5. She walked into the room with a haughty stride, as if she owned the place.
6. The haughty socialite ignored the waiter when he politely asked for her order.
7. Despite his haughty exterior, he was deeply insecure about his abilities.
8. The haughty manager treated his subordinates as if they were beneath him.
9. Her haughty laughter filled the room as she mocked her opponent.
10. The haughty politician believed he was above the law and could do as he pleased.
11. She had a haughty expression on her face as she dismissed the other team’s efforts.
12. His haughty remarks about the other artists’ work revealed his lack of respect for them.
13. The principal’s haughty tone when addressing the students made them feel belittled.
14. Despite her haughty behavior, she was well-liked by those who truly knew her.



proud, humble, modest, unassuming


GRE 10 (Graduate Record Examination), Behavior and Conduct, Vilification and Vitriol, Arrogance and Selfishness

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