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How to pronounce clamber (audio)


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Dictionary definition of clamber

To climb or move in a laborious and often awkward manner, typically using one's hands and feet to ascend or traverse a steep or uneven surface.
"The firefighter had to clamber up the ladder to reach the burning building."

Detailed meaning of clamber

When someone clammers, they engage in a somewhat ungainly or scrambling effort to overcome obstacles or ascend heights, such as when climbing a rocky hillside or clambering up a tree. This action is usually associated with physical exertion and a lack of grace, as it involves a combination of grasping, pulling, and struggling to gain traction on a challenging terrain. "Clamber" underscores the notion of determined and somewhat clumsy effort to reach a higher point or navigate through difficult terrain.

Example sentences containing clamber

1. Children often chortle as they clamber over jungle gyms at the playground.
2. If you clamber onto that rock, you'll have a perfect view of the valley.
3. Don't clamber up that tree; it looks rather unstable.
4. The kids love to clamber over the old tractor in the field.
5. Will you clamber over these rocks to reach the peak?
6. We clamber down into the canyon carefully, watching our step.

History and etymology of clamber

The verb 'clamber' has its etymological roots in Middle English. It is believed to come from the Middle English word 'clambren,' which meant 'to climb.' This Middle English term likely has Germanic origins, with similarities to words in Old Norse and Middle Dutch. 'Clamber' has retained its core meaning of climbing or moving in a laborious and often awkward manner, typically using one's hands and feet to ascend or traverse a steep or uneven surface. The etymology of 'clamber' effectively conveys its historical association with the act of climbing, emphasizing its role as a verb used to describe the sometimes strenuous and clumsy efforts required to ascend challenging terrain or obstacles.

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Further usage examples of clamber

1. If you clamber through that window, you can access the locked room.
2. Sometimes, the squirrels clamber onto the roof of our house.
3. The explorers had to clamber over fallen trees in the dense forest.
4. Always remember to clamber with caution when mountaineering.
5. It's dangerous to clamber up the cliff without proper gear.
6. To reach the fruit, you have to clamber up the tree.
7. If we clamber over the fence, we can shortcut through the meadow.
8. You must clamber down the steep hill to reach the river.
9. Cats clamber onto counters in search of tasty treats.
10. We will clamber up the rocky terrain to observe the sunrise.
11. The ivy seems to clamber up the wall effortlessly.
12. In the game, you must clamber over obstacles to reach the next level.
13. Do you dare to clamber up the side of the ancient fortress?
14. I often clamber up to the attic to search for hidden treasures.
15. The hikers had to clamber over rocks to reach the summit.
16. The workers had to clamber up the scaffolding to reach the high ceiling.
17. The athlete had to clamber over obstacles during the obstacle course race.
18. The cat had to clamber up the fence to get to the other side.
19. The rescue team had to clamber down the steep cliff to save the stranded hikers.
20. The adventurer had to clamber through the narrow cave to reach the treasure.
21. The dog had to clamber up the stairs to get to the second floor.
22. The tourists had to clamber up the stairs of the ancient temple to see the view.
23. The workers had to clamber over piles of rubble to clear the debris from the construction site.



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