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How to pronounce ascend (audio)

Dictionary definition of ascend

To move upward or rise to a higher position or level, often in a physical or metaphorical sense.
"The hiker began to ascend the steep mountain trail."

Detailed meaning of ascend

In a physical context, it can describe the act of climbing, flying, or otherwise progressing vertically, such as ascending a mountain, ascending into the sky in an aircraft, or ascending a staircase. Metaphorically, "ascend" can denote the process of advancing or progressing to a higher status, rank, or level of achievement, as someone might ascend to a position of leadership in their career or ascend to a higher level of understanding in a particular subject. Overall, "ascend" encapsulates the notion of upward movement or advancement, whether it's in a physical or abstract sense.

Example sentences of ascend

1. You will ascend the stairs to reach the second floor of the building.
2. The climbers will ascend the mountain early tomorrow morning.
3. We will ascend the hill to get a better view of the sunset.
4. The hot air balloon will ascend into the sky after the passengers board.
5. The smoke will ascend from the chimneys of the old factory.
6. To get to our office, you need to ascend the elevator to the tenth floor.

History and etymology of ascend

The verb 'ascend' has its etymological roots in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'ascendere,' which is a combination of 'ad' (meaning 'to') and 'scandere' (meaning 'to climb' or 'to mount'). In Latin, 'ascendere' signified the action of climbing or mounting, often in a physical sense. As Latin evolved into Old French and eventually into English, 'ascend' retained its essential meaning of moving upward or rising to a higher position or level, whether in a physical or metaphorical context. The etymology of 'ascend' effectively conveys its historical association with the act of climbing or moving upward, emphasizing its role as a verb used to describe the action of progressing to a higher state, level, or position.

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Further usage examples of ascend

1. After a challenging journey, we will ascend the summit by midday.
2. The hikers will ascend the steep trail with their equipment.
3. The airplane will ascend to cruising altitude shortly after takeoff.
4. The king will ascend the throne after the coronation ceremony.
5. The rocket will ascend to the upper layers of the atmosphere during the test.
6. We will ascend the tower to appreciate the panoramic view of the city.
7. The trail will ascend the rugged terrain towards the picturesque peak.
8. The kites will ascend in the sky during the annual kite festival.
9. Birds will ascend from the ground at the first light of dawn.
10. The path will ascend through the forest leading to the ancient ruins.
11. You will ascend the ladder to reach the books on the top shelf.
12. The escalator will ascend to the top floor where the restaurant is located.
13. In the elevator, we will ascend to the observation deck.
14. After a long hike, we will ascend the peak to see the sunrise.


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