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How to pronounce clash (audio)

Dictionary Definition of 'clash'

A sharp, forceful, or violent disagreement or conflict between individuals, groups, or entities.
"The clash of cultures was evident in their conflicting traditions and customs."

Detailed Meaning of 'clash'

It signifies a collision or clash of opposing forces, ideas, interests, or values. A clash often involves a visible or audible clash of opinions, actions, or behaviors that create tension, discord, or hostility. It can manifest in various contexts, such as in social, political, cultural, or interpersonal dynamics. A clash can result from conflicting goals, beliefs, or ideologies, leading to confrontations or clashes of wills. It signifies a clear and noticeable divergence, opposition, or incompatibility between parties involved. The noun 'clash' encapsulates the notion of a significant and often contentious collision, where differences are brought to the forefront and conflicts arise, challenging harmony, cooperation, or understanding.

History and Etymology of 'clash'

The noun 'clash' has its etymological origins in the Old English word 'clæscan,' which meant 'to strike together' or 'to make a loud, sharp noise.' This word was onomatopoeic, imitating the sound of two hard objects colliding. Over time, 'clash' evolved to describe not just the physical collision of objects but also a figurative collision of ideas, interests, or individuals resulting in a sharp, forceful, or violent disagreement or conflict. The etymology of 'clash' thus emphasizes the notion of a collision, whether physical or metaphorical, and the resulting discord or disagreement that arises from such clashes.

Examples of 'clash' in a Sentence

1. He tried to avoid any clash with his boss over the project.
2. The clash of the cymbals marked the end of the performance.
3. The clash between modern architecture and historical buildings created an interesting cityscape.
4. We must resolve this clash before it escalates further.
5. The bright colors created a pleasant clash in her artwork.
6. The public was anticipating the clash between the rival politicians.
7. This clash of personalities is causing conflict in our team.
8. The clash of the titans will decide the championship.
9. Their clash of interests led to a business dispute.
10. The history book described a violent clash between the armies.
11. The newspaper headline read, "Unavoidable Clash at City Hall."
12. There was a major clash over resources in the committee.
13. The two cultures had a fascinating clash in the novel.
14. The clash of different music styles made the concert unique.





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