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conflict, agreement, consensus, accord


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How to pronounce disagreement (audio)


Dictionary definition of disagreement

A state or instance of conflicting opinions, views, or positions between individuals or groups.
"Their disagreement on the matter led to a temporary strain in their relationship."

Detailed meaning of disagreement

It denotes a lack of consensus or harmony on a particular matter, where conflicting ideas, beliefs, or perspectives clash. Disagreements can arise from differences in values, perspectives, interests, or interpretations of facts or events. They can occur in various contexts, including personal relationships, professional settings, or societal debates. Disagreements can range from minor differences of opinion to more significant conflicts that require resolution or negotiation. They often involve expressing and defending opposing viewpoints, engaging in discussion or debate, and seeking common ground or compromise. 'Disagreement' highlights the existence of differing perspectives and the absence of unanimous agreement, underscoring the importance of respectful dialogue and open-mindedness in addressing and resolving conflicts.

Example sentences containing disagreement

1. The disagreement between the two friends escalated into a heated argument.
2. Despite their efforts, the disagreement between the siblings remained unresolved.
3. The disagreement over tax policy sparked heated debates, fracturing the unity in Congress.
4. Their disagreement about the movie's meaning led to a long, thoughtful discussion.
5. A serious disagreement among team members caused a delay in the project's timeline.
6. The disagreement over funding for schools has polarized communities and leaders alike.

History and etymology of disagreement

The noun 'disagreement' is formed by adding the suffix '-ment' to the word 'disagree,' which itself is a combination of the prefix 'dis-' and the word 'agree.' The prefix 'dis-' originates from Old French and indicates negation or reversal, while 'agree' comes from the Latin 'agreare,' meaning 'to be in harmony' or 'to be of the same opinion.' In its etymology, 'disagreement' conveys the concept of a negation or reversal of harmony or consensus. It refers to a state or instance where conflicting opinions, views, or positions arise between individuals or groups. The term highlights the contrast between agreement, which signifies harmony, and disagreement, which signifies the absence of such harmony, reflecting the complexities of human interactions and differing perspectives.

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Further usage examples of disagreement

1. A disagreement about the best strategy resulted in the team splitting into two camps.
2. The disagreement between the siblings on career choices strained family relationships.
3. Philosophers have a deep-rooted disagreement about the nature of free will itself.
4. The disagreement on trade tariffs led to heightened tension between the two countries.
5. Their disagreement over the dog's training led to arguments that lasted for weeks.
6. The environmental disagreement pits conservationists against industrial proponents.
7. The disagreement over vaccine mandates led to protests and heightened public debate.
8. A disagreement about wedding plans created stress for the couple in the weeks prior.
9. Their disagreement on child-rearing tactics left the parents in an awkward situation.
10. Ongoing disagreement over salary caps has hampered contract negotiations for players.
11. An ideological disagreement at the board meeting delayed the corporate strategy vote.
12. The court's ruling did little to resolve the disagreement between the disputing parties.
13. A minor disagreement escalated into a feud, causing rifts within their circle of friends.
14. The disagreement in interpreting the law led to divergent court decisions nationwide.
15. The disagreement on fiscal policy has divided lawmakers along partisan lines yet again.
16. A theological disagreement within the church community led to a schism among members.
17. The disagreement about ethical conduct led to a review of company guidelines and norms.
18. Disagreement on software design made it difficult for engineers to reach a consensus.
19. Unexpectedly, the disagreement over succession planning led to a corporate restructuring.
20. Their disagreement about menu choices seemed trivial, yet it caused a major argument.
21. The public disagreement between celebrities triggered a wave of social media debates.
22. An internal disagreement about priorities led to significant delays in the project launch.
23. The editorial team had a disagreement on which angle the news story should focus on.
24. The disagreement on gun control laws has been a longstanding issue dividing the nation.
25. Prolonged disagreement about healthcare reform led to legislative gridlock in Congress.

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