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How to pronounce cocksure (audio)

Dictionary Definition of 'cocksure'

Self-assured and overly confident in one's own abilities or opinions.
"He made a cocksure prediction, confident that he would win the competition."

Detailed Meaning of 'cocksure'

It denotes a person who displays unwavering certainty, often bordering on arrogance or an inflated sense of self-importance. Individuals described as cocksure may be prone to disregarding others' perspectives, dismissing doubts or criticisms, and displaying a lack of humility. This adjective is commonly used to highlight a certain brashness or audacity in someone's demeanor or behavior. While confidence can be a positive trait, being cocksure implies an exaggerated level of certainty that may not always be warranted. It is important to distinguish between healthy self-assurance and the potential pitfalls of being overly cocksure, as the latter can lead to errors in judgment or strained relationships with others.

History and Etymology of 'cocksure'

The adjective 'cocksure' is a colorful term with its origins in the blending of two words: 'cock' and 'sure.' 'Cock' in this context likely draws from the same source as 'cocky,' referring to a male rooster known for its self-assured and confident demeanor. 'Sure,' on the other hand, signifies a high degree of certainty or confidence. When these two words were combined, 'cocksure' came to describe someone who is excessively self-assured and overly confident in their abilities or opinions, akin to the brash and unwavering demeanor of a proud rooster. The etymology of 'cocksure' reflects the vivid imagery associated with this adjective, capturing the essence of unwavering self-confidence and certainty.

Examples of 'cocksure' in a Sentence

1. The cocksure student was convinced he would ace the exam without studying.
2. Her cocksure demeanor made her appear arrogant and unapproachable.
3. The coach reprimanded the player for his cocksure behavior, emphasizing the importance of humility.
4. The cocksure CEO dismissed any concerns about the company's performance, refusing to consider alternative strategies.
5. His cocksure attitude led him to take unnecessary risks, often resulting in failure.
6. His cocksure attitude often rubbed people the wrong way.
7. She approached the challenge with a cocksure demeanor.
8. The scientist's cocksure belief in his theory was unwavering.
9. His cocksure predictions turned out to be wildly inaccurate.
10. The politician's cocksure stance alienated potential supporters.
11. The coach's cocksure approach led to unexpected defeats.
12. He was so cocksure of himself that he ignored advice.
13. Her cocksure attitude made it difficult to collaborate.
14. Despite his cocksure demeanor, he lacked experience.
15. The executive's cocksure decision led to financial losses.
16. Cocksure leaders often fail to consider alternative viewpoints.
17. His cocksure remarks offended those with differing beliefs.
18. The journalist's cocksure reporting was later proven wrong.
19. Cocksure individuals may struggle to admit their mistakes.
20. His cocksure arrogance masked his insecurities.
21. The team's cocksure overconfidence cost them the game.
22. Cocksure employees can be resistant to feedback.
23. Cocksure leaders may overlook valuable insights.
24. Despite her cocksure exterior, she doubted herself privately.
25. His cocksure attitude eventually led to his downfall.





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