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How to pronounce coerce (audio)

Dictionary definition of coerce

To use force or intimidation to make someone do something that they are unwilling or resistant to do.
"The scammer tried to coerce the elderly couple into giving them their bank details."

Detailed meaning of coerce

It can also mean to use psychological or emotional pressure to influence or control someone's actions or decisions. For example, a person who threatens or intimidates another person in order to get them to do something might be said to be coercing them. A person who uses emotional manipulation or psychological pressure to influence another person's actions or decisions might also be seen as coercing them. The term is often used to describe a situation in which someone is made to do something against their will or better judgment, often through the use of force or intimidation.

Example sentences of coerce

1. The dictator tried to coerce the opposition into submission.
2. Criminals often coerce vulnerable individuals into illegal activities.
3. Employers should never coerce employees into unethical behavior.
4. The kidnappers attempted to coerce a ransom from the family.
5. Coercing someone into signing a contract is illegal.
6. Bullies use intimidation to coerce their victims.

History and etymology of coerce

The verb 'coerce' has its etymological roots in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'coercere,' which combines 'co-' meaning 'together' or 'with' and 'arcere' meaning 'to enclose' or 'to restrain.' Therefore, 'coerce' can be understood as the act of restraining or compelling someone to do something, often through force or intimidation. It implies the exertion of power or authority to compel an individual to act against their will or inclinations. 'Coerce' is commonly associated with actions that involve manipulation, pressure, or threats to achieve a desired outcome. The etymology of 'coerce' reflects its historical connection to the concept of restraining or compelling, highlighting the sometimes forceful nature of the actions involved in coercing someone to act against their wishes.

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Further usage examples of coerce

1. Human traffickers frequently coerce victims into slavery.
2. Parental love should never be used to coerce children.
3. Extortionists aim to coerce money from their victims.
4. Coercing witnesses is a crime in the justice system.
5. Cult leaders manipulate and coerce their followers.
6. Governments should not coerce citizens into silence.
7. Criminal organizations often coerce people into illegal trades.
8. Coercion is a tactic used by abusive partners.
9. The gang tried to coerce new members into criminal activities.
10. Blackmailers often use compromising information to coerce.
11. Authorities must protect individuals from coercion.
12. Coercing information from suspects is illegal in most countries.
13. The corrupt official tried to coerce a bribe from the businessman.
14. Charitable donations should be voluntary, not coerced.
15. The kidnapper tried to coerce the victim's family into paying a ransom.
16. The boss tried to coerce the employee into working overtime without pay.
17. The government used force to coerce the protesters to disperse.
18. The bully tried to coerce the weaker student into giving them money.
19. The dictator used fear to coerce the citizens into obeying his orders.
20. The drug dealer tried to coerce the addict into buying more drugs.
21. The landlord tried to coerce the tenant into paying a higher rent.
22. The coach tried to coerce the player into taking performance-enhancing drugs.
23. The police used threats to coerce the suspect into confessing.
24. The salesperson tried to coerce the customer into buying a more expensive product.
25. The abuser tried to coerce their partner into staying in the relationship.



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