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How to pronounce hustle (audio)


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Dictionary definition of hustle

To engage in determined and energetic activity to achieve a specific goal or desired outcome.
"He's always on the move, constantly trying to hustle for new opportunities."


Detailed meaning of hustle

It embodies a proactive and relentless approach to work or endeavors, often involving intense effort, resourcefulness, and tenacity. When someone hustles, they demonstrate a strong work ethic, a willingness to go the extra mile, and a sense of urgency in pursuing their objectives. This can include taking on multiple tasks simultaneously, seeking opportunities for growth and advancement, and creatively overcoming obstacles or challenges. Hustling implies a sense of drive and ambition, as individuals who hustle are focused on making progress and achieving success in their endeavors, be it in business, sports, art, or any other field where determination and hard work are key.

Example sentences containing hustle

1. Every morning, I hustle to catch the early train.
2. We need to hustle if we want to finish this project on time.
3. Street vendors hustle to sell their products before nightfall.
4. The team has to hustle to win this match.
5. Let’s hustle and get this room cleaned before mom gets home.
6. The coach yelled, "Hustle!" as the players picked up the pace.

History and etymology of hustle

The verb 'hustle' has a fascinating etymology rooted in the Dutch language. It is believed to have originated from the Dutch word 'husselen,' which means 'to shake' or 'to toss.' This word was later adapted into English in the 17th century, initially with the meaning of 'to shake or jostle someone or something.' Over time, the concept of energetic activity and agitation became associated with 'hustle,' leading to its contemporary meaning of engaging in determined and energetic activity to achieve a specific goal or desired outcome. Thus, the word 'hustle' has undergone an evolution from its Dutch origins, taking on a dynamic and proactive connotation in modern English.

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Further usage examples of hustle

1. Entrepreneurs often hustle day and night to grow their businesses.
2. They hustle around town searching for the perfect gift.
3. The waiter had to hustle to serve all the tables during the lunch rush.
4. When the doors opened for the sale, shoppers started to hustle inside.
5. He knows how to hustle and always finds ways to make extra money.
6. The dancers had to hustle to change costumes between acts.
7. Sometimes in life, you have to hustle to make your dreams come true.
8. People often hustle to catch a taxi in the city during rush hour.
9. During the busy season, farmers hustle to harvest the crops.
10. He helps his friend hustle by promoting her art on social media.
11. The tourists hustle through the museum, trying to see everything before it closes.
12. In the mornings, the coffee shop is packed with people who hustle to get their caffeine fix before work.
13. The basketball players hustle down the court to get in position for the next play.



strive, dawdle, relax, idle


TOEFL 1, Determination and Tenacity, Actions and Manoeuvres

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