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How to pronounce coincide (audio)

Dictionary definition of coincide

To occur at the same time or occupy the same place.
"The meeting will coincide with her vacation, so she won't be able to attend."

Detailed meaning of coincide

The verb 'coincide' refers to the occurrence or existence of two or more events, circumstances, or elements happening at the same time It denotes the alignment or convergence of separate entities in a way that is synchronous or simultaneous. When things coincide, they happen together or correspond in terms of timing, location, or occurrence. It implies a mutual occurrence or overlap, often characterized by a shared or common element. 'Coincide' can also describe the agreement or harmony between different perspectives, opinions, or ideas. In this sense, it signifies the coming together or alignment of different viewpoints or factors. Overall, 'coincide' captures the idea of two or more elements aligning or occurring together, whether in terms of time, place, or agreement.

Example sentences of coincide

1. Our plans coincide perfectly, so let's meet at the café.
2. The colors of their outfits coincide beautifully, creating a harmonious look.
3. Our schedules coincide, allowing us to carpool to work.
4. The dates for the conference coincide with my vacation, so I won't be able to attend.
5. Our opinions on the matter coincide, fostering a sense of agreement among the team.
6. The numbers on the clock coincide with the train's departure time.

History and etymology of coincide

The verb 'coincide' finds its roots in Latin, specifically from the Latin word 'coincidere.' This Latin term is a combination of 'co,' meaning 'together,' and 'incidere,' meaning 'to fall upon' or 'to happen.' The etymology of 'coincide' conveys the idea of things or events falling together or happening simultaneously. When two or more things coincide, they occupy the same point in time or space. This etymological origin underscores the fundamental meaning of the word, which is to occur at the same time or to align in space, emphasizing the idea of events or elements coming together in harmony or synchrony.

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Further usage examples of coincide

1. Our interests coincide, leading to engaging conversations and shared experiences.
2. Our travel plans coincide, allowing us to explore the city together.
3. The results of the experiment coincide with our initial hypothesis.
4. Our decisions coincide, indicating a shared vision for the future.
5. The milestones in our lives coincide, leading to joint celebrations and commemorations.
6. The timeframes of our projects coincide, enabling us to collaborate effectively.
7. Our birthdays coincide, so we celebrate together.
8. The two events will coincide in the afternoon.
9. Our interests coincide on many topics.
10. Our paths will coincide at the crossroads.
11. The schedules should coincide perfectly.
12. Their opinions coincide on this matter.
13. Our vacations coincide this year.
14. Our goals coincide, which makes collaboration easier.
15. The lunar eclipse will coincide with the meteor shower.
16. Our plans coincide, so let's meet up.
17. The parade will coincide with the festival.
18. Our perspectives coincide in surprising ways.
19. The cold front will coincide with our camping trip.
20. Their actions coincide with their values.
21. The deadline will coincide with our project completion.
22. Our interests coincide, fostering a strong friendship.
23. Our routes will coincide briefly on the journey.
24. The two train schedules will coincide tomorrow.
25. Our arrival times will coincide perfectly.
26. The meeting will coincide with her presentation.



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