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coordinate, desynchronize, misalign, uncoordinated


SAT 8 (Scholastic Assessment Test), Synchronization and Strategize, High School 11



How to pronounce synchronize (audio)


Dictionary definition of synchronize

To coordinate or align activities, events, or processes in such a way that they occur simultaneously or in harmony with each other.
"The dancers practiced hard to synchronize their steps to the music."

Detailed meaning of synchronize

It involves ensuring that different elements or individuals operate in unison, following a shared timing or rhythm. Synchronization can be achieved through the use of clocks, signals, or specific instructions to establish a common reference point. It is often employed in various contexts, such as technology, music, sports, or teamwork, to achieve smooth and coordinated outcomes. For example, in music, musicians synchronize their playing to maintain a cohesive performance. In technology, devices are synchronized to ensure accurate timekeeping or data transfer. Synchronization plays a crucial role in complex systems where precise timing or coordination is essential, promoting efficiency, accuracy, and cohesion among the involved components or participants.

Example sentences containing synchronize

1. Let's synchronize our watches before we start the race.
2. It is essential to synchronize the subtitles with the audio in a movie.
3. The swimmers synchronize their movements to create a stunning visual effect.
4. She had to synchronize her breathing with the rhythm of the exercise.
5. Before the operation, the surgeons needed to synchronize their equipment.
6. The team tried to synchronize their efforts for a more efficient workflow.

History and etymology of synchronize

The verb 'synchronize' originates from the Greek word 'sunkhronizein,' formed from two fundamental components: 'sun,' meaning 'with' or 'together,' and 'khronos,' signifying 'time.' This etymology aptly captures the essence of 'synchronize' as the act of coordinating or aligning activities, events, or processes in such a way that they occur simultaneously or in harmony with each other. It denotes the precise orchestration of various elements to function in unison, emphasizing the importance of timing and unity to achieve a common objective. 'Synchronize' embodies the concept of temporal alignment and unity, ensuring that disparate elements operate cohesively and harmoniously.

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Further usage examples of synchronize

1. We'll synchronize our watches to meet up exactly at sunset for the big reveal.
2. Dancers synchronize their steps to create a visual spectacle of harmony.
3. In the orchestra, musicians synchronize their play for a melodious symphony.
4. They'll synchronize their efforts to complete the project ahead of schedule.
5. Birds often synchronize their flights, painting patterns across the sky.
6. To achieve unity, teams must synchronize their skills and strategies.
7. Clocks in the tower synchronize to chime in unison, marking each hour.
8. Soldiers synchronize their march, echoing strength and discipline.
9. We synchronize our breathing in yoga to connect body and mind.
10. Chefs synchronize preparation to ensure each course is served timely.
11. Engineers synchronize systems to optimize performance and efficiency.
12. The app allows you to synchronize your notes across multiple devices.
13. The pilot had to synchronize the engines before take-off.
14. The light show was designed to synchronize with the fireworks.
15. We must synchronize our calendars to find a suitable date for the meeting.
16. The musicians struggled to synchronize, as they were in different time zones.
17. The software helps to synchronize data between your phone and computer.
18. We should synchronize the clocks to avoid any confusion about the time.
19. They had to synchronize their schedules to make time for a weekly lunch.
20. The animation must synchronize with the voice acting for the character to look realistic.
21. Before the parade, the band members made sure to synchronize their marching.
22. The backup system will synchronize with the main server every night.
23. In the game, players must synchronize their attacks to defeat the boss.
24. You need to synchronize your movements with your partner's in this dance routine.

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