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How to pronounce colloquial (audio)

Dictionary definition of colloquial

Language that is used in informal or casual conversation, rather than in formal or written language.
"The movie's colloquial dialogue helped to create a sense of realism."

Detailed meaning of colloquial

It is characterized by the use of words, phrases, and expressions that are specific to a particular region or group of people and that may not be considered standard or formal language. Colloquial language is often less formal and more casual than standard language and uses idiomatic expressions and informal terms. An example of a sentence using the word colloquial would be "The book is written in a colloquial style, making it easy to read and understand for non-native speakers."

Example sentences of colloquial

1. The novel's colloquial language made it accessible to a wide range of readers.
2. He spoke in a colloquial manner, using slang and informal language.
3. She used colloquial expressions to make her point more relatable.
4. The teacher's colloquial approach made the lesson more engaging.
5. He used colloquial language to connect with the audience.
6. The guide's colloquial explanations made the history more interesting.

History and etymology of colloquial

The adjective 'colloquial' has its origins in Latin, deriving from the word 'colloquium,' which means 'a conversation' or 'a conference.' It stems from the combination of 'com,' meaning 'together,' and 'loqui,' meaning 'to speak.' 'Colloquial' thus embodies the essence of language that is used in informal or casual conversation, emphasizing communication among people speaking together. As Latin evolved into the Romance languages, the term transitioned into Old French as 'colloquial,' retaining its association with spoken language. The etymology of 'colloquial' elegantly mirrors its meaning, emphasizing the conversational and informal nature of the language used in everyday communication, as opposed to formal or written language.

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Further usage examples of colloquial

1. She spoke in a colloquial way, using everyday language.
2. The song's colloquial lyrics helped to create a sense of nostalgia.
3. He used colloquial language to make the instructions more easy to understand.
4. She spoke in a colloquial manner, using casual language.
5. The speech was written in a colloquial style to appeal to the audience.
6. Her colloquial speech made her easy to connect with in any conversation.
7. In colloquial terms, "gonna" is an informal contraction of "going to."
8. The author's writing style is characterized by its colloquial and relatable tone.
9. Colloquial expressions can vary widely across different regions.
10. We use colloquial language when chatting with friends.
11. The teacher encouraged students to use more colloquial phrases in their essays.
12. Colloquialisms often add authenticity to dialogues in novels.
13. Learning colloquial language is essential for effective communication.
14. He adopted a more colloquial tone in his public speeches.
15. The sitcom is known for its witty and colloquial humor.
16. Understanding colloquialisms can be challenging for non-native speakers.
17. The book's dialogue is filled with colloquial expressions from the era.
18. Colloquial language can bring characters to life in a story.
19. When traveling, it's helpful to be familiar with local colloquialisms.
20. The playwright captured the essence of colloquial conversations.
21. Her colloquial style resonated with readers of all backgrounds.
22. In some cultures, colloquial greetings may involve specific gestures.
23. The tour guide's colloquial anecdotes made the trip enjoyable.
24. Colloquial phrases can change rapidly with shifts in popular culture.
25. The comedian's humor is rooted in everyday colloquial situations.



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