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How to pronounce collude (audio)

Dictionary definition of collude

To secretly cooperate or work together, especially for an illegal or unethical purpose.
"Several students tried to collude to cheat on the final exam."

Detailed meaning of collude

It often implies that the parties involved are acting in a deceptive or dishonest way in order to achieve their goals. For example, one might say, "The company executives were accused of colluding with each other to fix prices," or "The politicians were found to have colluded with lobbyists to pass the bill." The word is often used in the context of business, politics, or other areas where people or groups have an interest in manipulating or controlling a situation to their own advantage. Colluding parties will often be acting in secret and in violation of laws, regulations or ethical standards.

Example sentences of collude

1. The two companies did not realize that by sharing trade secrets, they would unintentionally collude against competitors.
2. The detective discovered that the suspect and the witness did collude to hide evidence.
3. The employees decided to collude in order to demand higher wages.
4. The politicians from opposing parties found it advantageous to collude for the benefit of their constituents.
5. The two nations, though traditionally enemies, decided to collude in the face of a common threat.
6. It is illegal for corporations in the same industry to collude on setting prices.

History and etymology of collude

The verb 'collude' has its etymological roots in Latin. It is derived from the Latin word 'colludere,' which combines 'com,' meaning 'together,' and 'ludere,' meaning 'to play' or 'to deceive.' In its Latin origins, 'colludere' conveyed the idea of conspiring or working together, often with a sense of deceit or trickery. Over time, this term made its way into English as 'collude,' specifically describing the secretive cooperation or collaboration between individuals or groups, particularly for illegal, unethical, or deceptive purposes. The etymology of 'collude' underscores the clandestine and often deceptive nature of such cooperation, emphasizing the intent to work together in a manner that may be deceitful or against the law.

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Further usage examples of collude

1. The two writers chose to collude to create a revolutionary piece of literature.
2. The players decided to collude to rig the outcome of the match.
3. Governments must remain vigilant of foreign agents who might collude to destabilize the nation.
4. The merchants decided to collude and control the supply of goods in the market.
5. The gangsters agreed to collude in dividing up the city into territories for their illicit activities.
6. The children thought it would be fun to collude and play a prank on their teacher.
7. The artists from different genres decided to collude to create a new style of art.
8. The scientists decided to collude to find a solution to the energy crisis.
9. The musicians wanted to collude to compose a symphony that would be remembered for ages.
10. The farmers in the region had to collude to manage water resources efficiently.
11. The two software developers chose to collude in developing an innovative application.
12. The spies from the allied countries decided to collude to counter the enemy's intelligence operations.
13. The two companies were found to collude in fixing prices, violating antitrust laws.
14. Some politicians were suspected of colluding to undermine the electoral process.
15. They collude to manipulate stock prices for personal gain.
16. Journalists must never collude with sources to distort the truth.
17. Cartels often collude to control the drug trade across borders.
18. It's essential for nations to share information and not collude with terrorists.
19. Companies should compete fairly and not collude to stifle competition.
20. Individuals may collude to commit fraud, but they will face consequences.
21. The rivals were caught colluding to gain an unfair advantage in sports.
22. Detectives uncovered a plot where criminals collude to commit heists.
23. Businesses should never collude to exploit their workers unfairly.
24. Transparency is crucial to prevent officials from colluding in corruption schemes.


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