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calm, agitated, perturbed, flustered



How to pronounce composed (audio)

Dictionary definition of composed

Calm, collected, and self-possessed, especially in stressful or challenging situations.
"Despite the intense pressure, the surgeon remained composed during the complex operation."

Detailed meaning of composed

When someone is composed, they maintain a sense of tranquility and control, exhibiting a poised and confident demeanor. This quality is often associated with the ability to think clearly and make rational decisions, even under pressure. A composed individual remains unruffled by external circumstances and demonstrates an inner strength that enables them to navigate difficult circumstances with grace and composure. Their composed nature is reflected in their steady and measured actions, conveying a sense of stability and confidence to those around them.

Example sentences of composed

1. Despite the chaos around her, Sarah remained composed and handled the situation with grace.
2. The conductor's composed demeanor set the tone for a flawless symphony performance.
3. Even in the face of criticism, she maintained a composed expression, refusing to let it affect her.
4. The composed athlete took a deep breath before stepping onto the field, ready to face any challenge.
5. His composed voice reassured everyone in the room that he had the situation under control.
6. The actress delivered her lines with a composed confidence that captivated the audience.

History and etymology of composed

The adjective 'composed' finds its etymological origins in the Latin word 'compositus,' which is formed from 'com-' meaning 'together' and 'ponere' meaning 'to place' or 'to set.' This etymology conveys the notion of being 'composed' as having one's emotions and demeanor 'set together' or in harmony, even in stressful or challenging situations. It implies a sense of calm, collectedness, and self-possession, where one's inner state is in equilibrium, and they present themselves in a manner that reflects control and composure. Thus, the term 'composed' retains its connection to the idea of inner balance and external demeanor being 'placed together' in a harmonious manner.

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Further usage examples of composed

1. In the midst of a heated argument, he managed to stay composed and find a peaceful resolution.
2. The composed chess player analyzed the board with a clear mind, making strategic moves.
3. The composed speaker delivered a powerful speech, captivating the audience's attention.
4. The team captain's composed leadership inspired her teammates to stay focused and perform their best.
5. In the face of adversity, she stayed composed, refusing to let it break her spirit.
6. Even during the crisis, she remained composed and focused.
7. His composed demeanor under pressure impressed his team.
8. The surgeon's composed hands never wavered during surgery.
9. In the face of adversity, she remained remarkably composed.
10. Stay composed during the interview to make a good impression.
11. He is known for his composed responses in heated debates.
12. Her composed attitude diffused tense family situations.
13. Staying composed in emergencies is a valuable skill.
14. The pianist delivered a composed and flawless performance.
15. The captain's composed leadership guided the team to victory.
16. She remained composed despite the unexpected challenge.
17. Keeping composed under stress is essential in firefighting.
18. His composed reactions in emergencies saved lives.
19. Composed athletes tend to perform better under pressure.
20. Staying composed in court is crucial for a lawyer.
21. A composed driver is less likely to cause accidents.
22. The diplomat's composed approach led to successful negotiations.
23. Maintaining a composed appearance is key in customer service.
24. In high-stakes situations, remaining composed is an asset.
25. Teachers often have to stay composed in unruly classrooms.



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