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How to pronounce compound (audio)

Dictionary definition of compound

Composed or made up of two or more separate elements or parts.
"The compound fracture required immediate medical attention."

Detailed meaning of compound

It implies a combination or mixture of different components, often resulting in a complex or composite entity. When something is described as compound, it suggests that it is not singular or homogeneous, but rather a combination of multiple elements, substances, or characteristics. This can apply to physical objects, chemical compounds, or abstract concepts. In a chemical sense, a compound consists of two or more elements that are chemically bonded together to form a distinct substance. In a broader context, the term compound can also describe situations, problems, or relationships that involve multiple interconnected factors, making them more intricate or difficult to understand or resolve. The adjective "compound" emphasizes the idea of a combination or union of different elements, resulting in a more intricate or complex whole.

Example sentences of compound

1. The scientist conducted experiments to analyze the compound structure of the new substance.
2. The compound fracture in his leg required immediate medical attention.
3. The garden was filled with a variety of beautiful flowering plants and lush green foliage, creating a compound of natural beauty.
4. The detective discovered a compound lock on the door, indicating heightened security measures.
5. The compound eyes of the insect allowed it to see a wide range of angles and detect movement.
6. The compound sentence consisted of two independent clauses joined by a conjunction.

History and etymology of compound

The adjective 'compound' has its etymological origins in the Latin word 'componere,' which is formed from 'com-' meaning 'together' and 'ponere' meaning 'to place' or 'to set.' This etymology aptly illustrates that something 'compound' is formed by 'placing together' two or more separate elements or parts. It emphasizes the amalgamation of these components into a single, unified entity. Thus, the term 'compound' retains its etymological connection to the concept of combination, where multiple distinct elements or parts are brought together to create a more complex and integrated whole.

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Further usage examples of compound

1. The toxic compound in the air posed a danger to the residents living nearby.
2. The company's expansion plans involved building a new manufacturing compound.
3. The chemist mixed various elements to create a new compound with unique properties.
4. The compound bow provided a higher level of accuracy and power compared to traditional bows.
5. The compound adjective added clarity and specificity to the description of the product.
6. The military base was heavily guarded and surrounded by a high compound wall.
7. The compound interest on his investments resulted in significant growth over time.
8. The scientist discovered a new compound that showed promise in treating cancer.
9. The compound word was formed by combining two separate words to create a new meaning.
10. The compound fracture required surgery to align and stabilize the broken bones.
11. The compound microscope allowed scientists to observe microscopic organisms in great detail.
12. The athlete's training routine included a series of compound exercises to target multiple muscle groups.
13. The compound annual growth rate of the company exceeded expectations, indicating a thriving business.
14. The chef's secret sauce was made from a compound of carefully selected herbs and spices.



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