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Definition of 'complex'

Intricate, consisting of multiple interconnected parts, or involving intricate details that may be difficult to understand or explain.
"The scientific experiment required complex calculations and precise measurements."

Detailed Meaning of 'complex'

It suggests a level of intricacy or sophistication beyond simplicity. A complex entity or system often possesses various interrelated elements, layers, or components that contribute to its overall structure or functioning. Additionally, something complex may involve intricate relationships, intricate ideas, or intricate processes that require deep analysis or careful consideration to comprehend fully. Complex can also refer to something that is complicated, convoluted, or difficult to solve or navigate. It signifies a higher level of intricacy and often requires a comprehensive understanding or a systematic approach to unravel its complexities.


Examples of 'complex' in a Sentence

1. The dance routine involved complex footwork and synchronized movements.
2. The puzzle had a complex design with hundreds of tiny pieces.
3. The software developer faced the challenge of debugging a complex code.
4. The mathematician tackled a complex problem that had stumped others for years.
5. The book explored complex themes of identity and existentialism.
6. The architecture of the ancient temple was incredibly complex, featuring intricate carvings and detailed columns.

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Origins & Etymology of 'complex'

The adjective 'complex' finds its etymological roots in the Latin word 'complexus,' which is a combination of 'com-' meaning 'together' and 'plectere' meaning 'to weave' or 'to braid.' This etymology vividly illustrates the notion that something 'complex' is intricately woven together, composed of multiple interconnected parts or elements. Over time, the term 'complex' has come to represent things that are intricate, multifaceted, and often challenging to understand or explain due to the intricacy of their interwoven components, reflecting the original idea of a complex structure resembling a tightly woven fabric.


How to pronounce complex (audio)


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