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How to pronounce configure (audio)


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Dictionary definition of configure

To arrange or set up something, typically a system, device, or software, in a specific way to achieve a desired outcome or functionality.
"The software allows users to easily configure their privacy preferences."


Detailed meaning of configure

When configuring, one is determining the arrangement, structure, or parameters of a system or component to ensure it operates optimally or suits a particular purpose. This process involves selecting and adjusting various settings, options, or preferences according to specific requirements or user preferences. Configuration often entails modifying hardware or software settings, establishing connections, or specifying certain characteristics or behaviors of a system or application. Through configuration, one tailors a system or tool to fit their needs, ensuring it operates effectively and efficiently. It is an essential step in customizing and adapting technology or systems to suit specific environments, workflows, or user preferences.

Example sentences containing configure

1. Please configure the settings according to your preferences.
2. We need to configure the network for optimal performance.
3. Can you help me configure this software on my computer?
4. The technician will configure the new router for our office.
5. Remember to configure the security options before proceeding.
6. Let's configure the email client to synchronize with your account.

History and etymology of configure

The verb 'configure' has its etymological roots in the Latin word 'configurare,' which is a combination of 'con-' meaning 'together' and 'figurare' meaning 'to shape' or 'to form.' This etymology vividly conveys the essence of 'configure' as the act of shaping or forming something by bringing its various components together in a specific arrangement. When applied in the context of setting up systems, devices, or software, 'configure' implies arranging the individual elements in a manner that shapes or forms them collectively to achieve a desired outcome or functionality. Therefore, the term 'configure' maintains its etymological connection to the concept of arranging and shaping elements together to create a particular structure or arrangement to serve a specific purpose.

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Further usage examples of configure

1. It's essential to configure the system correctly for seamless operation.
2. I will guide you on how to configure the audio settings.
3. We have to configure the permissions for each user individually.
4. The IT team will configure the servers for the upcoming project.
5. Please configure the printer to connect to the wireless network.
6. Take a moment to configure the display resolution to your liking.
7. We must configure the firewall to block unauthorized access.
8. The administrator will configure the backup schedule for the server.
9. Can you configure the application to run automatically at startup?
10. We need to configure the VPN connection for secure access.
11. Make sure to configure the browser for optimal privacy settings.
12. The software prompts you to configure the language preference.
13. It's crucial to configure the database properly for data integrity.
14. Let me show you how to configure the shortcuts for faster navigation.



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