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How to pronounce program (audio)


Dictionary definition of program

A planned series of actions, events, or instructions designed to achieve a specific objective or outcome.
"The fitness program focuses on improving strength, endurance, and overall well-being."

Detailed meaning of program

It can refer to a set of organized activities, performances, or presentations that are scheduled and arranged in a systematic manner. Programs can encompass a wide range of domains, including education, entertainment, sports, and technology. In the context of technology, a program refers to a set of coded instructions that are executed by a computer to perform specific tasks or functions. Additionally, the term program can be used to describe a plan or system that guides the functioning or operation of an organization, project, or activity. Programs often involve predetermined goals, timelines, and resources, and they are implemented to address particular needs, solve problems, or achieve desired results. Overall, a program serves as a structured framework that guides and facilitates the execution of a planned set of activities or instructions.

Example sentences containing program

1. The school organized a special program for parents and students to learn about upcoming curriculum changes.
2. The television program featured a variety of entertaining shows and documentaries.
3. The government implemented a program to provide financial assistance to small businesses.
4. The coding boot camp offered an intensive program to train aspiring software developers.
5. The community center hosted a program of workshops and classes for local residents.
6. The music program at the school includes lessons in singing, playing instruments, and music theory.

History and etymology of program

The noun 'program' has its etymological roots in the Late Latin word 'programma,' which was borrowed from the Greek word 'programma.' In Greek, 'programma' referred to a written proclamation or a public notice. It was a written plan or notice that outlined the events, actions, or instructions for a particular occasion. This concept was adopted into Old French as 'programme,' and later into English as 'program,' retaining its core meaning of a planned series of actions, events, or instructions designed to achieve a specific objective or outcome. The etymology of 'program' underscores its historical association with written plans and announcements, emphasizing its role in describing organized and purposeful sequences of actions or events that lead to a defined goal or objective.

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Further usage examples of program

1. The nonprofit organization runs a mentoring program to support underprivileged youth.
2. The summer camp offers a diverse program of outdoor activities, arts and crafts, and team-building exercises.
3. The computer program was designed to automate repetitive tasks and increase efficiency.
4. The government launched a program to promote environmental sustainability and conservation.
5. The theater company prepared an exciting program of plays and musical performances for the upcoming season.
6. The educational program aims to improve literacy rates.
7. We need a comprehensive fitness program for our athletes.
8. The computer program simplifies complex calculations.
9. The company launched a recycling program to reduce waste.
10. The TV program featured a thought-provoking documentary.
11. We implemented a new training program for employees.
12. The government initiated a vaccination program.
13. The charity runs a food assistance program for the needy.
14. The program offers scholarships to deserving students.
15. The software program enhances productivity in the office.
16. The space exploration program is pushing the boundaries.
17. The program promotes environmental sustainability.
18. The arts program showcases local talent.
19. We're attending a leadership development program.
20. The program coordinates disaster relief efforts.
21. The community center hosts a variety of youth programs.
22. The program facilitates cross-cultural exchanges.
23. The government announced a new economic stimulus program.
24. Our company supports a mentorship program for interns.
25. The healthcare program aims to improve patient outcomes.

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