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How to pronounce congregation (audio)

Dictionary definition of congregation

A group of people who gather together for a common purpose, particularly for religious worship or a shared spiritual practice.
"The congregation gathered for Sunday morning worship at the church."

Detailed meaning of congregation

It commonly refers to a gathering of individuals within a specific religious community, such as a church, mosque, synagogue, or temple. The term encompasses the collective body of worshipers who come together to engage in religious ceremonies, rituals, prayers, or other forms of spiritual devotion. A congregation may be led by a religious leader, such as a priest, minister, imam, rabbi, or spiritual guide. It serves as a community of individuals who share common beliefs, values, and traditions, providing support, fellowship, and a sense of belonging. The congregation acts as a central component of many religious institutions, fostering spiritual growth, communal bonds, and opportunities for collective worship, learning, and service. Beyond religious contexts, the term "congregation" can also refer to any gathering or assembly of people, regardless of its purpose or nature.

Example sentences containing congregation

1. The mosque's congregation faithfully attended daily prayers.
2. The rabbi addressed the congregation during the Sabbath service.
3. The temple's congregation celebrated a joyous holiday together.
4. The pastor welcomed new members into the congregation.
5. The congregation sang hymns in unison during the religious ceremony.
6. The synagogue's congregation came together to support a charitable cause.

History and etymology of congregation

The noun 'congregation' has its etymological origins in the Latin word 'congregatio,' which is formed from 'con-' meaning 'together' and 'gregare' meaning 'to gather' or 'to collect.' This etymology beautifully captures the essence of 'congregation' as a group of people who come 'together' for a common purpose, particularly for religious worship or shared spiritual practices. It implies a gathering of individuals who assemble to participate in communal activities that often hold significant religious or spiritual meaning. The term 'congregation' maintains its etymological connection to the concept of gathering as a united group, emphasizing the communal and collective nature of religious or spiritual gatherings.

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Further usage examples of congregation

1. The preacher delivered an inspiring sermon to the attentive congregation.
2. The Buddhist temple's congregation meditated in peaceful silence.
3. The congregation participated in a community outreach program to help those in need.
4. The mosque's congregation gathered for a festive Eid celebration.
5. The church's congregation shared a sense of unity and fellowship.
6. The congregation assembled for Sunday morning worship.
7. The church's congregation is diverse and welcoming.
8. The synagogue's congregation celebrated a holiday.
9. The mosque's congregation prayed together in unity.
10. The Buddhist congregation meditated in silence.
11. The pastor addressed the congregation with a sermon.
12. The congregation sang hymns with great enthusiasm.
13. The Hindu congregation gathered for a festival.
14. The Sikh congregation volunteered for a community event.
15. The monastery's congregation chanted prayers together.
16. The gathering of the congregation fostered a sense of community.
17. The congregation offered support to those in need.
18. The priest shared a message of hope with the congregation.
19. The temple's congregation observed traditional rituals.
20. The congregation's charity work benefited the local community.
21. The synagogue's congregation read from the Torah.
22. The mosque's congregation observed Ramadan.
23. The church's congregation welcomed newcomers warmly.
24. The congregation's sense of fellowship was strong.
25. The Buddhist congregation embraced mindfulness practice.



assembly, dispersal, separation, isolation


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