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How to pronounce gathering (audio)

Dictionary definition of gathering

An event or occasion where people come together for a specific purpose or social interaction.
"The annual family gathering brings everyone together for a day of celebration."

Detailed meaning of gathering

It implies a gathering or assembly of individuals who convene in one place, whether physically or virtually, to engage in shared activities, discussions, or celebrations. A gathering can take various forms, such as a meeting, conference, party, ceremony, or informal get-together. It often involves a group of people who share common interests, goals, or affiliations, and seek to connect, communicate, or collaborate with one another. Whether it's a family gathering, a community gathering, or a professional gathering, the term conveys the idea of individuals joining together in a collective setting, fostering a sense of unity, camaraderie, and social interaction. Gatherings play a vital role in fostering relationships, exchanging ideas, and creating memorable experiences.

Example sentences containing gathering

1. The annual family gathering always fills our hearts with joy.
2. A quiet gathering by the fireplace warmed the chilly evening.
3. The political gathering attracted a diverse crowd of supporters.
4. They organized a charity gathering to raise funds for the homeless.
5. A gathering of friends for a game night is a weekly tradition.
6. The music festival became a massive gathering of music lovers.

History and etymology of gathering

The noun 'gathering' is derived from the Middle English word 'gaderyng,' which evolved from the Old English word 'gaderung.' Both of these terms meant 'a meeting' or 'a coming together.' The Old English word 'gaderung' can be traced back to the Proto-Germanic word 'gadurunga,' which shares the same meaning of a gathering or assembly. Throughout its etymological history, 'gathering' has consistently referred to an event or occasion where people come together for a specific purpose or social interaction. It emphasizes the communal aspect of people joining in one place, reflecting a common goal or the enjoyment of each other's company. The etymology of 'gathering' underscores its historical connection to the idea of assembling and uniting people, highlighting its role as a term for various types of social and communal gatherings.

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Further usage examples of gathering

1. At the beach, a spontaneous gathering around the bonfire began.
2. A book club gathering fosters a love for reading and discussion.
3. The neighborhood gathering celebrated community unity.
4. An art gallery opening drew a sophisticated gathering.
5. In the park, a gathering enjoyed a picnic on a sunny day.
6. A corporate gathering focused on team-building activities.
7. The religious gathering offered solace and spiritual connection.
8. The academic gathering featured renowned guest speakers.
9. A cultural gathering showcased diverse traditions and cuisines.
10. A surprise gathering marked her milestone birthday.
11. The wedding gathering witnessed their heartfelt vows.
12. The protest gathering demanded social justice and equality.
13. A scientific gathering shared groundbreaking research.
14. The holiday gathering created cherished memories for all.
15. We're having a small gathering at our house this weekend.
16. The political gathering drew a large crowd of supporters.
17. I'm organizing a gathering of friends for a game night.
18. The conference was a gathering of experts in the field.
19. The community gathering aimed to address local concerns and brainstorm solutions.
20. We had a lovely gathering at the park for a picnic.
21. The religious gathering provided a space for prayer and reflection.
22. The wedding reception was a joyful gathering of family and friends.
23. The company held a team-building gathering to strengthen employee relationships.
24. The protest turned into a massive gathering of activists demanding change.
25. The book club gathering allowed members to discuss their latest read and share recommendations.



assembly, dispersal, scattering, separation


Collaboration and Teamwork, Democracy and Diversity, Social Hierarchy and Relationships, Celebration and Festivities

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