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How to pronounce connate (audio)

Dictionary definition of connate

Innate, inherent, or existing from birth or as a natural characteristic.
"Her connate talent for music was evident from a young age."

Detailed meaning of connate

When something is described as connate, it implies that it is an essential, fundamental, or intrinsic part of its nature or being. It suggests that a quality, attribute, or feature is present from the very beginning or is deeply rooted, rather than acquired or developed later in life. Connate traits or characteristics are often seen as inborn, ingrained, or instinctual. The term can be applied to various aspects, including physical attributes, psychological tendencies, or inherent qualities of objects or organisms. Connate emphasizes the deep-seated or integral nature of something, highlighting its original or inherent state rather than an acquired or learned condition.

Example sentences containing connate

1. The connate beauty of the landscape took our breath away.
2. The connate instincts of the newborn allowed it to find its mother.
3. His connate kindness made him a beloved member of the community.
4. The connate abilities of the athlete set them apart from others in their sport.
5. The connate curiosity of the child led them to explore the world around them.
6. The scientist studied the connate characteristics of the species to understand its evolutionary history.

History and etymology of connate

The adjective 'connate' has its etymological roots in the Latin word 'connatus,' which is formed from 'con-' meaning 'together' and 'natus' meaning 'born' or 'begotten.' This etymology elegantly conveys the essence of 'connate' as something that is 'born together' with an individual, existing from birth or as a natural and inherent characteristic. It implies an intrinsic quality or feature that is present from the beginning and is an integral part of a person or thing's nature. The term 'connate' maintains its etymological connection to the concept of being born or inherent, highlighting the idea of qualities or traits that are an inherent part of one's identity or existence.

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Further usage examples of connate

1. The artist's connate creativity allowed them to produce exceptional works of art.
2. The connate resilience of the community helped them overcome adversity.
3. The writer's connate storytelling ability captivated readers worldwide.
4. The connate intelligence of the breed made them quick learners.
5. The connate adaptability of the plant enabled it to thrive in various environments.
6. Her connate talent for music was evident from a young age.
7. Intelligence is not solely connate but can also be developed.
8. The connate instinct for survival is strong in all species.
9. His connate kindness endeared him to everyone he met.
10. The connate ability to adapt is crucial for evolutionary success.
11. The artist's connate creativity shone through in every piece.
12. Language acquisition is a connate skill in human beings.
13. Her connate curiosity led her to explore the world extensively.
14. The connate beauty of the landscape left us speechless.
15. Connate traits often shape our personalities and preferences.
16. The connate resilience of the human spirit is inspiring.
17. We all possess connate potential waiting to be unlocked.
18. The connate charm of the old town drew tourists year-round.
19. The connate sense of community in the village was heartwarming.
20. Connate wisdom is often passed down through generations.
21. His connate leadership qualities made him a natural captain.
22. The connate sense of wonder in children is delightful.
23. Connate differences make each individual unique.
24. Our connate instincts guide us in times of danger.
25. The connate love between siblings is unbreakable.



innate, acquired, learned, extrinsic


GRE 15 (Graduate Record Examination), SAT 2 (Scholastic Assessment Test), High School 2

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