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How to pronounce hereditary (audio)


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Dictionary definition of hereditary

Describing characteristics, conditions, or traits that are passed down from one generation to the next through genetic inheritance.
"The family tree revealed a hereditary pattern of artistic talent spanning several generations."

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Detailed meaning of hereditary

It pertains to the transmission of genetic information from parents to their offspring, resulting in the manifestation of specific features or traits in an individual. These hereditary traits can encompass a wide range of physical, behavioral, and even medical attributes that are genetically predetermined. For example, eye color, height, and certain medical conditions like cystic fibrosis or hemophilia can be hereditary. The term acknowledges the role of genetics in shaping an individual's makeup and recognizes the influence of familial lineage on the expression of certain traits. Hereditary factors play a significant role in understanding human variation and the intergenerational transfer of biological characteristics, contributing to the rich tapestry of inherited characteristics that make each individual unique.

Example sentences containing hereditary

1. The child inherited his mother's hereditary eye color.
2. The disease was determined to be hereditary, passing from one generation to the next.
3. The family's hereditary predisposition to heart disease was a cause for concern.
4. He carried a hereditary gene mutation that increased his risk of developing certain cancers.
5. The royal family's wealth and status were hereditary, passed down through generations.
6. The doctor asked about the patient's hereditary medical conditions in order to assess potential risks.

History and etymology of hereditary

The adjective 'hereditary' is rooted in the Latin word 'hereditarius,' which pertained to an heir or someone who inherits property or rights from their ancestors. This Latin term derived from 'heres,' meaning 'heir' or 'inheritance.' Over time, 'hereditary' came to describe characteristics, conditions, or traits that are passed down from one generation to the next through genetic inheritance, much like property or rights were passed down in a hereditary manner. Its etymology underscores the concept of transmission from ancestors to descendants, whether it be in the context of genetics, traits, or conditions that are inherited within a family or lineage.

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Further usage examples of hereditary

1. The musician showcased her hereditary talent for playing the piano at a young age.
2. The heir to the throne embraced his hereditary responsibilities with grace and determination.
3. The lawyer argued that the defendant's criminal behavior was a result of his hereditary disposition.
4. The research team conducted a study to investigate the hereditary factors influencing intelligence.
5. The village elders passed down their hereditary knowledge of herbal medicine to the younger generation.
6. Hereditary traits play a significant role in determining our physical appearance.
7. The hereditary nature of the disease made it difficult to prevent.
8. Intelligence can be influenced by hereditary factors.
9. The family's hereditary connection to royalty was well-known.
10. Diabetes can be hereditary, so regular check-ups are essential.
11. She inherited her hereditary charm and grace from her grandmother.
12. The doctor discussed the hereditary risk of heart disease.
13. He exhibited hereditary traits that resembled his father's.
14. The scientist studied the hereditary patterns of plant growth.
15. Alcoholism can have hereditary predispositions.
16. Their hereditary talent for music was evident from a young age.
17. The genealogy research uncovered fascinating hereditary links.
18. Hereditary conditions can skip generations unexpectedly.
19. The king's hereditary right to the throne was unquestioned.
20. She carried a hereditary burden of genetic mutations.
21. The hereditary link between the twins was undeniable.
22. The family's hereditary connection to the land ran deep.
23. Hereditary factors influenced his susceptibility to allergies.
24. The debate focused on the hereditary nature of criminal behavior.
25. It's essential to understand the hereditary component of eye color.



inherited, non-genetic, acquired, spontaneous


Commitment and Responsibility, Conservation and Protection, Anatomy and Biology

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