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Definition of 'conservative'

Valuing traditional principles, practices, or institutions, and resisting or being cautious about significant changes or innovations.
"The conservative politician advocated for lower taxes and limited government intervention."

Detailed Meaning of 'conservative'

A conservative individual or ideology typically seeks to preserve established customs, traditions, and societal structures, promoting stability and continuity over radical or rapid transformations. In politics, a conservative stance often aligns with preserving traditional values, limited government intervention, and adherence to established social norms. In social contexts, a conservative perspective may favor conventional behaviors, conventional family structures, and resist societal shifts that challenge established norms. The term "conservative" can also apply to economic policies that emphasize free-market principles, limited regulation, and fiscal responsibility. Overall, being conservative entails a preference for stability, preservation of the existing order, and a cautious approach towards embracing new ideas or social change.


Examples of 'conservative' in a Sentence

1. The conservative approach favors stability over radical transformation.
2. She's known for her conservative values and strong ethics.
3. The company adopted a conservative investment strategy.
4. His conservative upbringing shaped his worldview.
5. The town has a conservative attitude towards development.
6. In politics, he leans towards a conservative ideology.

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Origins & Etymology of 'conservative'

The adjective 'conservative' has its etymological roots in the Latin word 'conservare,' which combines 'con-' meaning 'together' and 'servare' meaning 'to keep' or 'to preserve.' This etymology eloquently conveys the essence of 'conservative' as valuing the act of keeping or preserving traditional principles, practices, or institutions. It implies a strong inclination toward maintaining the status quo and being cautious about significant changes or innovations. The term 'conservative' maintains its etymological connection to the concept of preserving and conserving established values and systems, emphasizing a preference for stability and continuity in the face of potential upheaval or transformation.


How to pronounce conservative (audio)


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