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How to pronounce consignment (audio)


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Dictionary definition of consignment

A batch of goods destined for or delivered to someone.
"The bookstore received a consignment of rare, antique books yesterday."

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Detailed meaning of consignment

It refers to a batch or collection of goods that is sent or entrusted by one party, typically a manufacturer or a producer, to another party, which could be a retailer, distributor, or customer. This shipment is destined for either sale, storage, or delivery to someone else. The consignment usually involves a consignor (the party sending the goods) and a consignee (the party receiving the goods). Often, the goods are sent on a consignment basis, meaning the consignor retains ownership until the goods are sold, at which point the consignee pays for the goods sold. This arrangement is useful for retailers as it reduces their risk by not having to pay upfront for the inventory.

Example sentences containing consignment

1. My clothing consignment was accepted by a local boutique.
2. We are expecting a consignment of electronics to arrive next week.
3. The consignment from the factory was delayed due to a transportation issue.
4. She sold her handmade jewelry on consignment at various craft fairs.
5. The consignment shop downtown is a treasure trove for vintage items.
6. They agreed to sell my paintings on a consignment basis, which was thrilling.

History and etymology of consignment

The noun 'consignment' has its etymological origins in the Latin word 'consignare,' which combines 'con-' meaning 'together' and 'signare' meaning 'to mark' or 'to seal.' This etymology aptly conveys the essence of 'consignment' as a batch of goods that is marked or sealed together, typically destined for or delivered to someone. It implies a specific arrangement where the owner of the goods entrusts them to another party, often a seller or agent, for the purpose of sale or distribution. The term 'consignment' maintains its etymological connection to the concept of marking or sealing goods for a particular purpose, emphasizing the idea of trust and cooperation in commercial transactions.

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Further usage examples of consignment

1. We need to track the consignment to ensure it arrives on time.
2. The consignment of goods was damaged in transit and had to be returned.
3. He made a tidy profit by purchasing a consignment of collectibles at a low price.
4. The latest consignment included several items that were not part of our order.
5. Due to the high demand, we have ordered an additional consignment of the bestselling products.
6. The consignment of rare gemstones arrived securely packed in a wooden crate.
7. Managing the warehouse's vast consignment inventory is a complex task.
8. The consignment of vintage cars is a collector's dream come true.
9. She carefully inspected each item in the consignment for defects.
10. Our consignment store specializes in high-end fashion and accessories.
11. The consignment of valuable artwork is on display at the museum.
12. They decided to auction off the consignment of antique furniture.
13. The consignment of exotic spices added a unique flavor to the market.
14. A consignment of historical documents was discovered in the attic.
15. The consignment of musical instruments filled the room with melodies.
16. We need to process the consignment of electronic gadgets quickly.
17. The consignment of rare stamps is the highlight of the philatelic show.
18. The consignment of gourmet chocolates sold out within hours.
19. Managing the consignment of agricultural equipment requires expertise.
20. The consignment of handmade jewelry showcased local craftsmanship.
21. A consignment of fine wines from around the world has just arrived.
22. The consignment of collectible toys appeals to both young and old.
23. He's responsible for tracking the consignment's delivery schedule.
24. The consignment of industrial machinery is in high demand.
25. We received a generous consignment of medical supplies for the clinic.



shipment, receipt, possession, ownership


Suffix -ment, ACT 13 (American College Testing), Distribution and Supply, Distribution and Supplementary

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