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How to pronounce contagious (audio)

Dictionary definition of contagious

Capable of spreading or being transmitted from one person, animal, or object to another.
"The contagious happiness of the newlyweds radiated throughout the wedding reception."

Detailed meaning of contagious

It is often associated with infectious diseases or conditions that can be passed on through direct or indirect contact. When a disease or illness is contagious, it means it can easily be transmitted from an infected individual to a healthy individual, potentially leading to widespread infection. Contagious diseases typically involve the transfer of harmful microorganisms, such as bacteria or viruses, through various means like respiratory droplets, bodily fluids, or physical contact. Additionally, 'contagious' can also describe the contagiousness of emotions or behaviors, such as laughter or yawning, which can be easily transmitted from one person to others in a social or psychological sense. Overall, the term 'contagious' highlights the capacity for something to spread rapidly and have an impact on a broader population.

Example sentences containing contagious

1. The flu is highly contagious, spreading easily from person to person.
2. Her contagious laughter filled the room, and soon everyone was laughing along.
3. It's important to cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing to prevent the spread of contagious germs.
4. The contagious yawn passed through the entire classroom, causing everyone to yawn in response.
5. The contagious enthusiasm of the speaker inspired the audience to take action.
6. The contagious smile on the baby's face brightened the mood of everyone around.

History and etymology of contagious

The adjective 'contagious' is derived from the noun 'contagion' and shares its etymological roots in the Latin word 'contagiosus,' which is formed from 'contagio,' itself derived from 'contingere.' 'Contingere' combines 'con-' meaning 'together' and 'tingere' meaning 'to touch.' This etymology elegantly conveys the essence of 'contagious' as something that is capable of being spread or transmitted from one person, animal, or object to another, often through touch or close contact. It implies the potential for an infection, condition, or influence to be easily passed on when individuals or entities come into contact with each other. The term 'contagious' maintains its etymological connection to the concept of touching and spreading, emphasizing the ease with which certain diseases, behaviors, or qualities can be communicated among individuals or entities.

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Further usage examples of contagious

1. The doctor advised the patient to stay home as their illness was highly contagious.
2. The viral video became contagious, quickly gaining millions of views and shares.
3. The contagious excitement of the crowd grew as the concert started.
4. The contagious rumors spread like wildfire, causing panic and confusion.
5. The contagious optimism of the team motivated them to overcome challenges and achieve success.
6. Her laughter was so contagious; it brightened everyone's day.
7. A positive attitude can be contagious in a team.
8. Contagious enthusiasm inspired us all to work harder.
9. The flu is highly contagious during the winter months.
10. His energy and passion for the project were contagious.
11. The yawn of one person can be strangely contagious.
12. The news of their engagement was contagious joy.
13. Laughter is one of the most contagious emotions.
14. A smile can be contagious and spread happiness.
15. His determination to succeed was contagious to his teammates.
16. The pandemic highlighted the need to contain contagious diseases.
17. Contagious rumors can spread like wildfire on social media.
18. Contagious behavior can influence those around you.
19. The excitement in the room was contagious.
20. The virus became more contagious with each mutation.
21. Contagious kindness can create a ripple effect.
22. Her optimism was contagious and uplifted the whole group.
23. Contagious fear can lead to mass panic.
24. The beauty of the landscape was almost contagious.
25. His passion for music was contagious, inspiring others to join.



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